According to a recent survey by Vistage, the #1 Executive Coaching Organization in the World, and the Wall Street Journal, the number one concern keeping Business Leaders up at night is employee Recruiting and Retention.

Fueled by the “Great Resignation” and evolving workplace dynamics, the War for Talent has reached historic levels and left leaders grappling with how to attract and keep top-tier candidates.  Subsequently, selecting the right Executive Recruiting Firm to partner with is vital for Growth-Minded Businesses.

John Binkley is President & Founder of CRG Search. He has over 20 years of Executive Search experience, has been ranked a Top 1% Recruiter for over 15 years, and currently leads a team that has filled over 4,000 Executive Searches. We sat with John to ask him why CRG Search should be your top choice when looking for an Executive Search Partner.


What sets CRG Search apart from other Executive Recruiting Firms?


There are many options when deciding on an Executive Recruiting Partner. Our difference, and subsequent success, have been the result of three unique factors. First is our Experience; on average, our recruiters have 22 years of experience each and have made over 4K placements. Second is our meticulously crafted Recruitment Process; we diligently follow a 30-step process that produces 3-5 C5 Qualified candidates in 10-15 business days or sooner. C5 stands for Character, Culture, Competency, Compensation, and Closeable. The third is our Credibility; we have a 4.9 Google Review rating, over 100 Client LinkedIn Recommendations, a 100% Process Completion Rate, and a 97% Placed Candidate Retention Ratio.


What process does your team follow to attract candidates?


 According to Gino Wickman, a bestselling author and entrepreneur: “It’s all about the Process.” We assign a Team of 4 to each Search who follow our Lean/Sigma-inspired, Metrics Driven, 30-step process that has been developed over 20 years using up-to-date, real-time, industry-leading Best Practices that we continually improve.  Some of the steps in our process include a virtual recorded and transcribed intake meeting, a collaborative and co-created statement of work, weekly client status reports, candidate behavioral and cognitive assessments, candidate self-actualized leadership assessments, The Predictive Index Assessment, compensation analysis and reporting, and a 10-point advanced screening and background check, to name a few.


How have past clients of CRG Search felt about your team’s performance?


“Street Cred” is vital in our business. We have grown 1,000% over the past five years, and 90% of our business comes from repeat business and referrals, which is a testament to our client satisfaction. Furthermore, we have an average Google Review rating of 4.9 and over 100+ Client References on our Website and LinkedIn. I would humbly encourage businesses considering a Search Partner to compare our Google Reviews and Client Recommendations to our competition.


If you place a candidate, how likely are they to stay?


 We are proud to have a 97% Placed Candidate Retention Rate which speaks to how successful our team is at finding the right candidate for each position. For the 3% that are not the right fit, we have a 12-month guarantee.


Because CRG Search is a Top Executive Recruiting Firm, would the costs be higher to work with you?


 Absolutely not. In fact, our average fee is typically 30-40% less than the typical Executive Search Firm. We want to ensure we provide a service fee that is a help, not a hindrance, to our clients. More importantly, according to Joe Hadzima, a Professor at the MIT School of Business, the average cost of an employee can be as much as 2.7 times an employee’s base salary. This means a $100K salaried employee can cost a business as much as $270K when you factor in onboarding, benefits, continued education and training, and other miscellaneous expenses, such as equipment.  This is a costly mistake for a poor hire.  Additionally, a culturally misaligned hire, especially in a leadership position, can cause a great deal of damage to a company, even in a short amount of time.  Growth-minded businesses frankly can’t afford not to utilize the right Recruiting Partner.


If I were interested in working with CRG Search, where should I go?


 Please get in touch with me directly! I would welcome an opportunity to explore your unique needs and see if we can proactively collaborate to win the War on Talent for your organization. My email is, and my LinkedIn is

About John Binkley

John is the Founder and President of CRG Search. He has more than 20 years of executive search experience, has been ranked a Top 1% Recruiter for more than 15 years, and leads a CRG Search team that has completed more than 5,000 executive searches. He holds a bachelor’s degree in organizational communication and a master’s degree in theology, and is completing a Ph.D. in leadership. John is married; is the father of four; is a foster parent; and resides in Charlotte. Some of his philanthropic endeavors include foster care, the Wounded Warrior Project, Compassion International, Habitat for Humanity and Samaritan’s Purse.

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