With all of the moving parts a growing business must account for, taking the extra time to ensure new hires are the perfect fit isn’t always possible. Staffing agencies streamline the hiring process with a holistic approach that helps ensure potential candidates are the best fit professionally and culturally.

If you’re on the fence about hiring a staffing agency to recruit new employees for your rapidly growing business, these five key factors can help you move forward with your decision in confidence.

5 Key Reasons Why Companies Hire Through Staffing Agencies

  1. An Industry-Specific Staffing Agency Understands Your Hiring Needs
    Partnering with a staffing agency specializing in your industry means you gain access to insider hiring information, including current hiring trends, expected salary ranges, and which candidates offer the most potential for your industry-specific roles. At CRG, our staffing experts specialize in the industry they recruit for and utilize a best-in-class staffing process and data-driven assessment tools to guarantee the candidates we present to you are the best choices for your open positions. We can help identify and present the ideal candidates when you need assistance in the following areas:
    IT Staffing
    Finance & Accounting Recruiting
    Human Resource (HR) Staffing
    – Sales & Marketing Recruiting
    – Administrative & Customer Service Staffing
    – Procurement & Supply Chain Staffing 
  2. Staffing Agencies Can Hire In Less Time
    Many companies simply don’t have the infrastructure and recruiting tools to find and vet the best candidates to help grow their companies. A staffing agency like CRG has access to industry-leading recruitment AI/technology and tools designed to find the candidates that are the most qualified and the best fit for your company culture, all in less time than searching on your own. For instance, our 15-step recruitment, qualification, and placement process will produce three to five C5-qualified candidates in one to five business days or sooner. Never again will your in-house HR team sift through countless applications to narrow down the best potential hires. Instead, your guaranteed most qualified applicants will be delivered directly to you. Here is a quick overview of CRG’s staffing process:
    – Recruitment Strategy
    – Candidate Identification
    – Leverage Networks of our Internal Recruiters
    – Launch Industry-Leading Recruiting Automation Software
    – Source from the Industry-Leading Recruitment Platforms
    – Source from the Industry-Leading Social Media Platforms
    – Attract Candidates through our ongoing Digital Marketing Campaign
    – Candidate Development & Screening
    – Market Opportunity to Qualified Candidates
    – Conduct Interviews with Qualified Candidates
    – C5 Candidate Presentation
    – Interview Process Management
    – Offer Management
    – Advanced Screening of Selected Candidate
    – The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment
    – Manage Resignation, Counteroffer, and Career Transition
  3. Staffing Agencies Save You Time
    Working with a staffing agency can also help save you time better spent attending to other important parts of growing or managing the business. With CRG as your trusted staffing partner, our first priority is to understand what your hiring needs are and verify that we are the best team to accommodate them. Starting with a brief recruitment strategy intake call, we hit the ground running with a conversation about your growth goals, company culture, and any other pertinent information you believe is crucial to attracting top talent. This is a pivotal conversation that happens before the candidate search to ensure we have a thorough understanding of what you’re looking for. In addition to discussing the ideal candidate, our sales team acts as your personal consultants, offering market insight to help you stay competitive when attracting talent by offering benefits such as special insurance or retirement benefits, remote work, flexible schedule options, and more. This quick but efficient intake call is an integral part of our hiring process that garners greater success, cost, and time savings you can utilize in other pressing aspects of growing your business. Once we have all pertinent information about your company’s hiring needs, our recruiting experts take the hiring process the rest of the way, working to vet the most qualified candidates for your open positions. To learn more about the effectiveness of our hiring process, please see our client testimonials.
  4. Staffing Agencies Can Reduce Client Overhead Costs
    Staffing agencies act as an extension of your team to help reduce overhead costs in multiple ways. Not only does partnering with a staffing agency help cut down time spent on recruiting within your company, but they can also help support your existing HR or staffing team to reduce overtime costs and help prevent burnout for your current employees. CRG’s expert staffing process can even reduce recruitment costs and time to hire by 40%, saving you even more while you find the best candidates to grow your business. We’ll even handle the client onboarding, payroll, and benefits process, helping take even more burden off of you and your in-house employees. How can you go wrong?
  5. Staffing Agencies Can Help You Attract Top Talent
    If your employees love where they work, you’ll know. So will others! When you partner with a staffing agency that understands your hiring needs and can put more time on the workday clock, you’ll end up with happier, more satisfied employees and a system that’s firing on all cylinders. Staffing agencies are also advocates for potential employees and, as such, ask many important questions that employers don’t always think of. This helps both parties ensure their goals and expectations are aligned before the hiring process is complete. All of these factors help attract qualified talent to work for and grow with your company.

Grow with Confidence with CRG Staffing On Your Team

With more than 12,000 placements and counting, CRG direct hire and contract staffing services streamline the hiring process so you can get back to growing your business with the very best team on your side. Our values of honesty and leadership drive every action and decision we make and help us not only transform lives and businesses but empower people and organizations for what’s to come.

If you’re ready to partner with a best-in-class staffing agency, CRG is ready to talk. Contact CRG today to learn more about our staffing process and to begin the process of finding the best candidates for the successful growth of your organization.