At CRG Staffing, we provide direct-hire, contract-to-hire, and contract/temporary placement services.  Although, in and of itself, our service offering does not seem unique for a Staffing firm, CRG takes an approach to Staffing that is distinct from the business model of our competitors.  We structure our entire process and business model around providing outrageous service throughout the entire client and candidate experience. This starts, first and foremost, by managing expectations with our internal team in an unconventional manner for the Staffing industry.

Why CRG Staffing is Different?

Traditional Staffing business models focus exclusively on internal KPIs, often unrealistic ones, that promote a transactional approach to Staffing.  As an example, your typical Staffing firm holds their Recruiters accountable for the number of candidates presented to clients on a weekly basis.  Hiring managers and candidates often find it frustrating when recruiters prioritize meeting KPIs over ensuring a good fit between clients and candidates.  The result for the Recruiter who is held accountable for KPIs that are unrealistic?  Burnout.  When employees are suffering from burnout, they look for a change externally.  High turnover, which is common in the Staffing industry, ultimately detracts from the service the Staffing firm can provide to their clients.  Clients are left working with Recruiters who are unfamiliar with the client’s hiring managers, their team, and their business.  However, at CRG, our Recruiters are not held accountable for an unrealistic number of candidates presented to our clients; they are encouraged to submit the right candidate to the right client. We hold ourselves accountable to the results as our ultimate KPI, keeping our client’s and candidate’s satisfaction and long-term partnership a top priority. This shift from the traditional Staffing business model provides clarity around our ultimate goal of providing the best service to our clients and candidates, and results in significant cost and time savings for our clients during the hiring process.

CRG Culture & Values

In addition, at CRG Staffing, our core values and culture are prioritized above all else.  Every week, our team members have the opportunity to recognize their teammates who have gone above and beyond in exemplifying our core values in time set aside in a weekly recurring meeting. This brings our entire Staffing organization together to recognize every single person nominated specifically for how they’ve treated our clients, candidates, and teammates in alignment with our core values.  Prioritizing our core values and culture above KPIs provides a positive working environment for our internal team. This enables us to prioritize client and candidate interests above all else and has manifested in a tenured team who have a deep understanding of not only our areas of expertise, but more importantly, an understanding of our clients, our client’s business, and their teams.

CRG’s unique internal approach to the Staffing business is abundantly apparent to our clients and candidates, and it facilitates our ability to consistently provide our clients with a quick, seamless, predictable, and successful hiring process.

Grow with Confidence with CRG Staffing on Your Team

When you begin working with CRG, you are starting a long-term partnership with our tenured team.  With more than 12,000 placements and counting, CRG direct hire and contract staffing services streamline the hiring process so you can get back to growing your business with the very best team on your side. Our values drive every action and decision we make and help us not only transform lives and businesses but empower people and organizations for what’s to come.

If you’re ready to partner with a best-in-class staffing agency, CRG is ready to talk. Contact CRG today to learn more about our staffing process and to begin finding the best candidates for the successful growth of your organization.