When and How to Expand Your IT Department

Congratulations – business is booming, and your company is growing. Your employees are working around the clock. Maybe you are even experiencing some growing pains. Perhaps the IT staff’s resources are beginning to stretch a little thin. More and more, companies realize that the health of their IT department is integral to the health of the entire corporation. Whether your company’s growth has left it a bit overtaxed, or you have just realized that some new blood could give the department the shot in the arm it needs, you can rely on CRG’s IT headhunters in High Point, NC to find the perfect candidate to begin your expansion.


Three Things to Remove From Your Resume to Improve Your Job-Hunting Chances

Job hunting can be stressful, especially if you’re a new college graduate who can’t seem to land that first major gig. Even veterans in the job-hunting safari can feel like sometimes, there just aren’t enough positions to go around – so if you’re not getting as many calls back as you’d like, you might want to take a second look at your resume. Your resume has a big job to do. It’s basically the first introduction that you’ll make to your employer, and it needs to make a major impact in order to allow your presence to stick in their mind when it comes time to choose candidates to call in for interviews. No matter if you’re looking for a job in childcare or you’re flipping through finance jobs in Charlotte, NC, you should take the time to review your resume and make sure you aren’t including three of these common mistakes.

Your work email. Nothing says “unprofessional” quite like including an email address of your current employer on your resume while you’re hunting for other jobs. Making a personal email account takes less than five minutes, and will greatly improve the way you come off to employers – so there’s no excuse not to do it.

Weird interests. Most of us have strange hobbies that we like to delve into from time to time – but if you have information about your forays into witchcraft or details of your anime collection on your resume, this can be polarizing for potential employers. Better to leave these personal details on your blog where they belong.

Lies. Even if you feel like you’re just stretching the truth a bit, employers will be able to see right through you during the eventual interview – which will just end in embarrassment. Instead, load your resume up with relevant experiences and references, who will be more of an asset to you when it comes down to getting the job.

Still having trouble finding a job? Triad staffing agencies and industry recruiters work directly with local companies looking for the best talent, so you can further improve your chances of getting hired by working with a company like CRG. Give us a call today at 844.CRG.WORK to learn more about starting on your new career today.

The Advantages of Using a Staffing Agency to Find a Job

Every business wants to hire the top talent, but many hiring managers have trouble finding the time to interview qualified candidates. Even worse, hiring the wrong employee can cause major financial problems, as well as wasting time and resources of managers and other employees, who could be spending their time fully devoted to other projects. This is why many employers are reluctant to bring in just anyone for an interview. However, employers know that staffing agencies can help them filter through applicants and bring the best candidates right to their doors- this is why so many of them work with staffing agencies. Working with one of the many qualified Charlotte, NC staffing agencies can help you get in contact with some of the best companies in the area, and can help you to land a job.

We’ve all heard the phrase “finding a job is more about the hands you shake than the classes you take.” Greensboro, NC staffing agencies have connections with tons of employers who are looking for eager talent like you; busy employers depend on them to make the right decisions about candidates so that their employees don’t have to take time away from their work to interview. The staffing agency knows what each individual employer wants to see in candidates, so they can even “coach” you before your interview to make sure you head in with the right attitude and preparation. Think of a staffing agency as your foot in the door – they can get you in connection with some of the best employers, who in turn can help you to progress your career.

Working with a staffing agency is an outstanding way to help boost your job-hunting search if you are having trouble getting that second interview or even a phone call at all. If you seem to be doing everything but aren’t seeing the results you need from your search, a qualified staffing agency (like CRG) can help you to start on the path to a new career today.

To learn more about how we can help you through the process, contact us at 844-CRG-WORK or visit us at https://www.getcrg.com/.

How to Prepare for a Job Interview at the Last Minute

Oh no – you forgot that your job interview is tomorrow morning! Now, you’ll never have time to prepare!

If you’ve ever experienced this, or if you’re experiencing this right now – fear not! It is possible to prepare for a job interview at the last minute and still ace it. At CRG, we’re a recruiting, staffing and consulting firm, and we’ll do everything we can to help you find the job of your dreams. We offer IT consulting positions in High Point, NC, as well as other positions in other local areas. Here are a few tips on how to prepare for a job interview at the last minute, and make it seem like you’ve been preparing for weeks.

1. Go online – preferably to the company’s website – Thank goodness for the internet. You can find out just about anything on there. Whether you’re pressed for time or not, we recommend going to the company’s website and learning as much as you can about them. First, look at the job description that you’re applying for, and then find out about the company itself. What do they do? How long have they been in business? Have they won any awards lately?

2. Prepare some stories to tell – And by stories, we mean to paint a verbal picture of something good you’ve done in your past work or school history. The best way to answer an interview question is a story that resonates with the interviewer. To prepare, write down and memorize three stories of achievement that will help outshine the other job applicants.

3. Make sure you have the basics – Do you know where you’re going and how to get there? Do you have a clean outfit picked out? Make sure you have the basics down before you set off. Also, if it’s still the night before, go to bed early and get a good night’s sleep.

Those are three of the ways you can prepare for your upcoming job interview at the last minute. Whether you’re seeking a position in human resources or looking for a company who provides managed IT services in Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding areas, you can turn to us at CRG. To learn more about preparing for job interviews, contact us at 844-CRG-WORK.

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