As modern automotive, aviation and aerospace manufacturing industries make their way to North Carolina’s Piedmont Triad region, so do high-paying, tech-oriented jobs requiring the most qualified candidates.

“The next few years are going to be good years for America,” said regional economist Ted Abernathy at the Piedmont Triad Partnership’s State of the Region event in late October. “They are going to be great years for the Carolina Core and the Piedmont Triad.”

Combined with the recent announcement of major job-creating growth plans for Toyota, Boom Supersonic, Vinfast and Wolfspeed, to name a few, Abernathy also warned that the war for talent is going to intensify.

With 10 of the top 19 staffing agencies in the area based in Greensboro, according to Triad Business Journal’s 2022 rankings, identifying the best staffing agency to fulfill your recruiting needs is crucial. Whether you lead a business local to the Triad or one that will land in the area in the near future, knowing what to look for when comparing Greensboro staffing agencies will ensure you hire the right talent for your organization – often in less time than searching on your own.

Read on to learn what you should consider when choosing the best Greensboro staffing agency for your open roles.

Key considerations for choosing a Greensboro staffing agency:

Specialized staffing experience

Specialized staffing teams offer years, and sometimes decades, of hiring expertise and often have a deep understanding of your industry’s unique staffing needs. Working with a staffing agency means your organization benefits from their expertise, robust candidate databases, refined interview and vetting processes for faster hiring, and industry connections.

For instance, CRG specializes in direct and temporary / contract hire staffing services across an array of functions including:

CRG team members are expert recruiters – and while some staffing agencies want their recruiting teams to focus on the number of candidates presented to hiring authorities, CRG recruiters are encouraged to submit the most qualified candidates. This shift toward more authentic matches results in significant cost and time savings for CRG clients during the hiring process.

Defined and proven processes

Another consideration when vetting staffing agencies in Greensboro is whether they have defined and proven processes that support efficient hiring. Staffing teams with decades of experience have seen it all, and some of them have built efficient processes yielding optimal results. These are the staffing agencies you want on your side.

At CRG, we begin each client relationship with a generalized recruitment strategy intake call to identify your hiring needs and determine whether we are the best team to address them. If we’re not, we’ll tell you so and point you in the right direction. If we are indeed the best team for your organization and you agree, we’ll get to work – starting by pairing you with the right recruiting expert.

Your CRG recruiter then implements our proven 15-Step Staffing Process to generate three to five C5-Qualified candidates in five business days or fewer. Along the way, your CRG recruiter may recommend various ways your organization can stay competitive and attract the best candidates in the career marketplace. These options may include offering special insurance or retirement benefits, flexible schedules, remote work, competitive salaries or other opportunities.


When you’re building an organization, you need a trusted team working alongside you. Your relationship with your staffing agency should be no different. Aside from taking on the brunt of the hiring process, working with a tenured, relationship-based staffing team means you also have an external partner dedicated to the success of your organization.

At CRG, we foster strong working relationships with our clients to best understand and help build the culture and team that will lead to their organizations’ success. From our initial intake call to our emphasis on presenting candidates of quality over quantity, we develop trusting relationships that generate outstanding outcomes for our clients.

Tenure and reputation

With so many staffing agencies in Greensboro, determining which agency will best meet your hiring needs can be a challenge – unless you take reputation and tenure into consideration. You need to be confident that the agency in charge of finding and landing your dream team is capable of actually doing so. For this and other reasons, you need a staffing agency with the reputation and tenure to deliver the best results.

Since 1994, CRG has served Greensboro and other Triad organizations with best-in-class staffing services for various industries and functions. As one of Triad Business Journal’s top temporary placement firms in 2022 and Charlotte Business Journal’s #1 Best Place to Work for medium-sized companies in 2022, CRG has the leadership, values and reputation that clients trust to fuel their businesses. From CRG’s numerous client testimonials to its recruiters with 25-plus years of highly relevant experience and expertise, leaders can see why CRG is considered one of the best staffing agencies in Greensboro.

Grow confidently with help from CRG

As one of the Triad’s leading staffing agencies, CRG takes pride in helping our clients grow with confidence. Whether you are local to the Triad area or plan to be in the future, CRG offers nearly 30 years of specialized staffing experience trusted by clients to deliver fast, fruitful results for their organizations. With more than 12,000 placements to date, CRG recruiters know that our proven processes ensure you’ll end up with the best team to fuel your organization. It’s what makes CRG different.

Contact CRG today to learn more about how we can best serve your short and long-term hiring goals. Visit the CRG blog to learn why companies hire through staffing agencies and other tips for successfully growing your team!