We get to know our clients before we search for the perfect candidate, and all it takes is 30 minutes.


Client intake calls are extremely important for our team and the hiring manager to all be a part of. It allows us to understand what’s changed last in the organization since we last connected with them, and just go through a series of questions. The goal of an intake call with our clients is to learn about their team, to learn about that particular role, the expectations, and the responsibilities, so that when we’re searching for candidates, we’re able to send the perfect candidate the first time to the client.

We’re honing in to figure out exactly what this person is going to be doing on a daily basis. What skills will they primarily be using? What are their secondary skills so that when we’re searching for candidates, we’re finding those candidates that match exactly what that client needs. It’s imperative for us just to understand the organization as a whole. Understanding when the client wants to interview and really needs to get this person hired. In addition, setting the expectations of when a client can expect to see candidates from the CRG team. It also allows us to better understand why the position is open. Is it due to growth? That’s a great selling point when we’re talking to candidates. It’s a true partnership between CRG and the client. We’re trying to find out about them, their project, and the position so that we can find that perfect candidate for them. As a result, we get to tell them a little bit about us and our process and how we go about finding that perfect candidate.

A lot of job descriptions that we receive can be very general or very generic. So it’s really important for us to speak with the clients and the hiring managers to understand what it is they’re looking for, whether it’s understanding what this person’s schedule is going to look like. Will this be 100% in the office? Will it be remote? Will it be a hybrid opportunity? These are all questions that are maybe not necessarily on a job description that we need to have a conversation with the hiring manager.

The other side to this job intake call is the candidate side. Our recruiting teams are going to be the ones who are finding these candidates. With all this information that we’re able to gather from our client, that recruiter can now talk to that candidate, and the candidate feels like they’re a part of that company already. It’s a two way street. We want to make sure that the client is excited about the candidate, but we also want to make sure that the candidate is just as excited about the opportunity that they’re interviewing for, and that the personality truly aligns with the organization that they’re going to be potentially a part of. It’s really important to make sure it’s a good fit for both parties to ensure a long lasting relationship.