In this video blog post, William Pfeiffer, a Senior Recruiting Manager at CRG, discusses CRG’s 5-Step Candidate Identification Process.

CRG, a leading search and staffing firm, has developed a 5-step candidate identification process to ensure the best candidates are identified for their clients. The 5 steps of the candidate identification process are part of their proven 15-Step Staffing Process.

Step 1: Leveraging Networks of Our Internal Recruiters

CRG’s internal recruiters utilize their personalized networks to proactively build unique talent pools. This allows our team to have a pool of qualified candidates available for each client faster.

Step 2: Leveraging Our Internal Database

With a rich 30-year history, CRG has established relationships with hundreds of thousands of candidates. Our unique internal database helps us identify candidates who may not be familiar with the client’s organization but are familiar with CRG’s processes.

Step 3: Recruiting Platforms

CRG invests in top-ranked recruiting platforms, gaining access to premium tools and features. This enables us to effectively market to and reach potential candidates.

Step 4: Social Media

CRG leverages social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook to build a unique network of talent. This allows us to connect with candidates who may not be actively searching on job boards.

Step 5: Digital Marketing Campaign

CRG’s ongoing digital marketing campaigns aim to increase brand awareness and position us as a reliable search and staffing firm. These campaigns ensure that both clients and candidates are aware of CRG’s expertise and capabilities.


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By following this 5-step candidate identification process, CRG ensures that they identify the best candidates for their clients’ needs. To learn more about CRG and see the results of their process, reach out to learn more.