The Predictive Index© & Talent Optimization Consulting

The Predictive Index© & CRG Search

CRG has helped growing businesses find remarkable candidates through a proven 30 Step Process. From direct hires to executive recruitment, our process employs a best-in-class recruitment strategy and data-driven hiring decisions proven to improve employee retention and job satisfaction. One of the tools CRG Search uses is The Predictive Index© (PI). We help our clients Optimize their Talent, their Executive Staff, and help our clients achieve their Company Goals. As a Certified Partner of The Predictive Index©, CRG Search pledges to be at your side, assisting you with all your Predictive Index needs.

What is The Predictive Index©?

The Predictive Index helps organizations make data-driven people decisions to achieve better results. Developed 60 years ago, the Predictive Index has been the subject of nearly 500 validation studies, and has conducted more than 25 Million assessments. The PI organization maintains a Science Advisory Board staffed with university professors, I/O psychologists, and other subject matter experts in psychometrics. More than 8,000 employers utilize the PI (i.e., IBM, Nissan, Citizens Bank, & Omni Hotels) worldwide across 142+ countries. ​

  • Job Assessment: defines jobs via individual attributes and needs. ​

  • Behavioral Assessment: is an untimed, free-choice, stimulus-response tool that measures a person’s motivating drives and needs.​

  • Cognitive Assessment: provides a better understanding of each person’s learning capacity.​

  • Strategy Assessment: finds and fixes business strategy misalignment.​

  • Employee Experience Survey: measures employee engagement by enabling employees a chance to provide candid, confidential feedback across four categories: Job, Manager, Organization, & Team.​

Speak to a CRG Certified PI Consultant

As a certified PI partner, CRG will replace the burden of hiring with data-driven executive Search solutions proven to match you to the most optimized candidates your growing business needs to succeed. Contact CRG today to learn more about how CRG Search and The Predictive Index can help your organization grow with confidence.