Our 30-Step Recruitment, Qualification & Placement Process

Our Process

Our proven 30-Step Recruitment Process generates 3 C5 Qualified (Character, Competency, Culture, Compensation & Closeable) Candidates, typically in 15 business days.

Recruitment Strategy

Intake Call with Client to understand Business, Culture, and Talent Acquisition Needs

Send Predictive Index© Job Assessment to Hiring Stakeholders

Conduct Compensation Analysis for Client and send Results

Candidate Identification

Leverage Networks of our Internal Recruiters

Leverage Networks of our Affiliate Recruiter Network

Launch Industry-Leading Recruiting Automation Software

Source from the Industry-Leading Recruitment Platforms

Source from the Industry-Leading Social Media Platforms

Attract Candidates through our ongoing Digital Marketing Campaign

Candidate Development & Screening

Market Opportunity to Qualified Passive Candidates

Connect with Qualified Passive Candidates

Conduct Interviews with Qualified Passive Candidates

Short-List & Review Qualified Passive Candidates with CRG Project Team

Candidate Presentation

Email Initial C5 (Culture, Character, Competency, Compensation & Closeable) Candidates to Client

Conduct Candidate Review Video Conference with Client

Interview Process Management 

Provide Weekly Progress Report to Client

Conduct Weekly Cadence Call with Client

Tele /or Video Interview with Hiring Stakeholders

Predictive Index© Assessment & Consulting

Administer Predictive Index© Assessment to Short-Listed Candidates

Conduct Predictive Index© Assessment Video Session with Client to Review Results

Onsite Interview Process Management

Onsite/ or Video Interview One with Hiring Stakeholders

Onsite/ or Video Interview Two with Hiring Stakeholders

Advanced Screening of Finalist Candidates

Social Media Scan Finalist Candidates

Conduct Reference Transcripts for Finalist Candidates and submit Results to Client

Conduct Background Check for Finalist Candidates and send Results to Client

Offer Management

Complete Offer Worksheet with Finalist Candidates & Client

Schedule Offer Call with Finalist Candidate and Client and Secure Offer Acceptance

Send Candidate Offer Letter via DocuSign to Candidate and Client

Career Transition Management

Manage Resignation, Counteroffer, and Career Transition

Predictive Index© Onboarding Consulting, Retention Support & 180 Day Guarantee

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