Here at CRG, we know that one of your priorities is growing your business. There are some obstacles in the way, but you can overcome them with a good strategy, hard work, and some luck. However, once you’ve grown can your IT services solutions keep up?


You need managed IT services that are scalable. There are different kinds of scaling. You can scale horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. However you scale you need to be sure that your IT provider can scale with you. Here are the factors you should look at to see if your current IT service solution is ready to grow with you.

Network Reliability

One thing you’ll need to consider is your network reliability. Do you have issues with connectivity? Are slowdowns common? This could be a sign that your current provider isn’t even equipped to handle your IT needs at your current level of business.

Ideally, when you opt for managed IT services you can essentially set it and forget it. Your IT needs are met and things run smoothly behind the scenes. If you keep noticing issues, however, that could be a sign that your provider is not ready to scale with your company.


They Talk (Or Don’t Talk) About Scaling

A company that’s used to scaling with their customers will mention it. If your provider has put together any kind of presentation or media on how they’ve scaled with companies similar to yours, that’s a good sign. It shows that they have experience and that they are aware of the hiccups that could come along the way, including potential issues that you didn’t even think of.

If a provider of IT services doesn’t talk about scaling, that could be a bad sign. They may not have the experience needed to support your growth. Make sure that your current IT services solution is scalable before you move ahead or you’re going to come to regret it later.


Responsiveness of Your Provider

How responsive is your IT services provider right now? If you find that they don’t always get back to you or that they’re hard to reach, they may not be ready to grow with you. A provider that can help you scale will be responsive and make sure that your concerns are all address. Ideally, you won’t have to play phone tag with a competent IT services provider.


What Types of Firms They Work For

It’s also wise to see what kinds of firms your managed IT services provider is working for. If they work with some big companies, great. If they’re more focused on small enterprises or boutique firms, they may not be the best provider to help you scale. Learning the most you can about their past projects and current capabilities can help you decide if you want to move forward with your current provider.


Your IT Services Provider in Charlotte, NC

If you’re worried about your  IT services not scaling with the growth of your business, contact CRG today. We’ll help you worry less about IT and focus more on what really matters to you and your company. We hope to hear from you soon!