The experts at CRG know that working with a staffing agency for the first time can be a bit daunting. Staffing agencies, sometimes called recruitment agencies, focus on finding prospective workers a good place at a company. Instead of embarking on a job hunt on their own, great candidates can be directly connected to companies that have openings through our employment recruiters.

If you’ve never worked with a temp staffing agency before, here’s a look at what to expect and how to get more out of the experience.


The Interview Process is Similar

If you’re working with a temp staffing agency to find a job, you’ll see that the interview process is actually quite similar. You’ll go over the job skills you have, what experience you bring to the table, and other aspects of your resume. If they think you fit, you’ll end up in their database, waiting for potential jobs. Acing the interview doesn’t mean getting a job right away, but it puts you in the running for positions that open up.


How Jobs Open Up

Speaking of, personnel staffing companies know of job openings when a company contacts them directly. A firm will say they need a few employees, list what skills they’re looking for, and pass along any other relevant information. If you’re a company working with a temp staffing agency, you’ll want to be as specific as possible. This will help the recruiter choose the best possible candidates from their database.


It Can Save Time

A temp staffing agency can end up saving a company or a job hunter a lot of time. The companies don’t have to deal with dozens, if not hundreds, of resume submissions that would likely result from posting to popular online job boards or LinkedIn. Instead, a company gets a curated list of prospects that could be exactly what they’re looking for. As for job hunters, a good recruiter can ensure that you don’t need to waste a bunch of time on tons of individual applications. They’ll just let you know when something great pops up for you.


Your Recruiter Isn’t Done Once a Job is Found

Employment recruiters won’t just find a job hunter a position and send them on their way. Instead, they’ll keep in touch and may even need to sign off on hourly work depending on their responsibilities.


Work While You Look for Work

As recruitment agencies help you look for another job, they might be able to get you some temporary work. This can boost your resume and help you keep the lights on. Money can get tight during a job hunt. A temporary position can help alleviate some of the stress.


A Temp Job Can Lead to Something More

Some people avoid temp jobs because they don’t see a point. In fact, a good temp job can lead to something else. You could learn valuable skills on the job. Better yet, a temp job could even become a permanent one! If your temporary job doesn’t turn into a full position, don’t despair. Your recruiter still has all of the data that a potential employer would need in the near future.


Your Charlotte, NC Staffing Experts

Job hunting or finding the hiring candidates can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. Work with CRG to find the employees you need or that next stepping stone in your career. We’re ready to assist you.