A motivated employee is a more productive employee. Many companies have found their own ways to encourage their workers to work hard, with obvious rewards being promotions or other workplace perks. But how do you motivate an employee that won’t be sticking around for too long, regardless of their performance?

As a staffing agency, we know that dealing with temporary employees can be a different task altogether. Fortunately, there are still some great ways to motivate those workers who won’t be around for too long.


Reward Them

There are still ways to reward temporary workers, even if you can’t dangle something like a promotion in front of them. It’s probably within your budget to give your temporary workers a small bonus if they hit an ambitious goal. You can even have them compete to make the most sales or otherwise excel in the workplace. Offering simple rewards like free lunch, an early exit on Friday, or small gifts can make a big difference. Even just thanking your temporary employees is a reward that they’ll pay attention to. Everyone wants to be appreciated at work, and that includes temp workers as well.


Think About Training

Focus on your training method and make sure that it’s adequate. The right kind of training methodology can make a big difference. Your employees will know how to more effectively do their jobs and they’ll appreciate the time you take to help them excel. A well-trained employee is easier to motivate, because someone who has a better grasp on crucial work tasks will be easier to motivate.


Talk to Them and Listen

Any worker can feel like just a cog in the machine, and this can go double for temporary workers who don’t have a huge investment in your company. A temporary worker will do more for you if you simply speak to them like a human being. Tell them what’s expected of them, listen to their ideas, and see if any issues could potentially affect their productivity. Getting some feedback from these temporary workers will let you know more about how they can be motivated. These listening sections could even help with future temporary employees.


Hire Intelligently

Don’t just hire any temporary employee. Treat their resume as if it’s from a person who wants a full-time, long-term position. Then hire someone who will commit to working hard for your company.


Use Employment Recruiters

Talking to an employment recruiter can also make a big difference. They may be able to find a great worker that didn’t pop up on your radar. Also, a candidate that goes to an agency may be more motivated and ready to work. They’re already showing how motivated he or she is.

Recruitment companies can sort through candidates and help you find the ones that suit your company the best. People who are more excited to work at your company will be easier to motivate. From there, you can use the rest of our tips to make sure that they stay motivated.


Your Greensboro, NC Staffing Partners

If you have temporary employees, taking some of the steps above will help encourage them to contribute even more to your company in their brief time there. Contact CRG at 336.656.2854 and we’ll team you with a worker that meets your highest expectations. We hope to hear from you soon!