You’ve prepared for your interview. You have your accomplishments ready to roll off the tip of your tongue, you’ve done the research on the company you’re interviewing at, and you even have some questions of your own for the interviewer. Then the day comes and you can’t even get a word in edgewise.


At CRG, we know that an overly chatty interviewer can be a problem. You’re here to sell yourself, and that’s impossible to do if you can’t even talk about your achievements or what you could bring to the table at this new firm. Fortunately, as a staffing agency we know some ways to deal with an interviewer that’s talking a little too much.

Know the Warning Signs

Knowing some of the warning signs of an overly chatty interviewer can help you prepare a little bit. If someone walks into the room with just your resume and little else, that could be a bad sign. Most interviewers want to have a pen and paper or something else to take notes with. They’re evaluating a candidate for an important job after all. Not having any way to write things down could indicate that they’re not going to take too many breaks from talking.

Not having a pad and paper could also indicate that the interviewer doesn’t have prepared questions. They might like to shoot from the hip, which could throw you for a loop if you’ve prepared for a traditional interview. If you can see some of the signs beforehand, however, you might be able to salvage the interview.



Unfortunately, sometimes the only way that you might be able to stop an interviewer from talking at length is by interrupting him or her. You can do this politely if you’re careful about it. Listen well and try to pick out points in the conversation where you could potentially jump in.

If they mention something that reminds you of an former position or a previous accomplishment, politely make your way into the conversation. If you have other documents with you that can backup your story, have them ready. Then prepare to interrupt more after this exchange is done. This way you can still do your job during the interview, which is selling yourself to a potential employer. If you let the interviewer talk the whole time, you don’t get to show just how valuable you can be to this company.


Use Your Body Language

Sometimes an interviewer doesn’t realize just how much they’re talking and a subtle change can help them realize that a lot of time has passed. By shifting in your seat, crossing or uncrossing your legs, or leaning forward you can indicate that you would like to speak now. Using your body language in a specific way can help shift the interview back towards you.


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