When you’re in need of a new executive level position, there are a few routes to go. Since we’re anĀ executive search firm, those of us here at CRG will naturally tout the benefits of working with a recruiter. But how do you find the ideal recruiter and introduce yourself?

It’s not as intimidating or difficult as it may seem. If you’re interested in taking the next step of your career, here’s how you can introduce yourself to an executive recruiter.

Find the Right Recruiter

It can be tempting to just email anyone who could help you in the job search, but some recruiters are going to be more helpful in your specific situation. Find an executive staffing expert that specializes in your specific field. If they’re in your professional network, even better. If you know someone who knows an executive recruiter, you have a great in and could have an advantage in your job hunt. As always, making the best use of your current network is a wise move.


Know What You’re Looking For

Telling your executive recruiter exactly what you’re looking for can help tremendously. If you’re at the executive level you should have a handle on your skills and job history. That means that you should know just what you’re looking for and what you would require from a new position. Give your recruiter as much information as possible and it will be easier to find that dream job.


Make it Personal

When you contact a potential executive recruiter through email, make it personal. Filler lines and generic form letters are not going to attract any attention. Keep your initial correspondence short and personal.


Work on That Resume

Make sure that your resume is readable and no more than two pages. In that short amount of time, ensure that you have bullet points and accomplishments that will catch the eye. You want the executive recruiter to know exactly what you bring to the table.

While we’re on the subject, make sure that you’re saving that resume in PDF format. This can eliminate formatting issues that might make your resume look less pleasant when it’s opened in someone else’s word processing program. It’s also generally considered a safe email attachment to open.


Make Yourself Easy to Contact

A recruiter can be busy. Once you’ve found your desired recruiter and reached out via email, be aware that they may not be able to get back to you right away. Know that a lot of executive level job seekers are competing for their time and make it easy for a recruiter to contact you as soon as they can. Give them your email, phone number, and even your Linkedin profile link. That way you’ll be able to hear from them as soon as they have time for you.


Answering Your Executive Recruiting Questions in Greensboro, NC

Once you take these steps, you can form a relationship with an expert executive level recruiter that can help you get to where you need to go. If you have executive staffing needs, don’t hesitate to callĀ CRG at (336) 656-2854. We look forward to hearing from you.