At CRG, we know that an executive job hunt can be a little different than the typical one. As an executive staffing agency, we advise our clients to prepare adequately for their job interviews and make the most out of the opportunity. Here are some steps to take if you want to impress during your next meeting with a potential employer.

Do Some Research

This is advice we would give to any potential interviewee, but it’s especially important for an executive level employee. There’s also no excuse for not doing the research these days. With the rise of the internet, personal websites for companies, and their social media accounts, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t know a lot about the company coming in.

Know where a company stands in their industry. Are they a leader? Are they more of a specialized boutique offering? Which kind of company does your skill set match best? Also check out websites like Glassdoor and Linkedin to see what people think of working there. You’ll know more about whether you’re a great match for the company and you’ll get a feel for the culture before you even walk in the door.


Have Some Questions Prepared

At a job interview you can expect to answer many questions, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to prepare some of your own. You’re doing all of this research after all. It should be easy enough to figure out what you want to know about your prospective employer.

As an executive level candidate you might not want to stop at the simple questions though. Asking about particular challenges and obstacles that the business faces can be a great idea. Bonus points if you can also relay some of your ideas on how to tackle those issues. Asking questions shows that you did the research and that you’re interested in this job. Just passively sitting through an interview might give the interviewer the impression that you don’t care as much as the other candidates did.


Tell Them About Yourself

One part of the interview that can trip up job seekers is when an interviewer says “Tell me about yourself.” You need to outline your accomplishments without seeming like a braggart that no one would want to work with. This is an interview where you have to sell yourself as the best person for a job. So find that fine line to walk and prepare adequately.

We recommend a pitch that summarizes your work accomplishments and experiences so far. Show how you’re perfect for the job you’re interviewing for, but keep your personal pitch to around three minutes. You can sum up a lot of what you’ve accomplished in that time. Practice a few times and get ready to spring it on the interviewer when they ask you about yourself.


Your Executive Staffing Experts in High Point, NC

The key to nailing that next interview is preparation and salesmanship. If you’re looking for a new executive level job, talk to the experts at CRG about our executive staffing solutions. We’ll connect you with a position where your skills are needed.