All companies can face some IT issues, but small businesses in particular can face some unique technology problems. Something these firms have to really keep an eye on are IT security threats. At CRG, we know that a cyberattack can cause a loss in profits, a damaged standing among customers, and other problems that can cause a headache for businesses of any size. For small businesses, IT problems can be especially debilitating. Here’s a look at what kind of threats they face today.


Spyware hides on your system collecting user information and other data. It’s then transferred to another party that you probably don’t want to have all of this info. It can infect an entire network from just one computer and can be installed from the web or an external drive. Spyware is designed to hide on your system, gathering as much as it can before you notice and get rid of it. This kind of insidious threat is why some smaller businesses see a benefit when they consult outside experts and opt for managed IT services. An outside IT contractor can probably spot spyware and other issues before your employees do.



Viruses make themselves a bit more obvious. They can infect your computer from a malicious website, an email attachment, or from another source, but no matter where you find one it wreaks all kind of havoc. Viruses delete data, disable critical programs, and cause other problems that can bring your IT infrastructure to a complete standstill.


Malware or Ransomware

Malware and ransomware act like spyware, running in the background and trying not to be too obvious. Malware steals your data, while ransomware can actually hold some information hostage and send you an unreasonable demand if you want it back.


Unpatched Vulnerabilities

Many types of security threats find their way in through server and software vulnerabilities. In most cases, these issues are spotted and developers can issue a patch. The problem some small businesses face is that they’re not always able to manage all of their IT needs as workers focus on other aspects of a business. A bit of malware or a virus that could have been blocked can now get through, thanks to a lax IT strategy. This is another area where an outside provider of IT support can help. They stay on top of things and ensure that you get the latest updates downloaded and installed.


Employees with a Lack of Knowledge

Employees that don’t know anything about cybersecurity can be a huge threat as well. If they fall for phishing schemes or download things that they shouldn’t, you have a major problem on your hands. Even if you opt for managed IT services, it’s still important to teach your employees the IT basics to protect your system. Otherwise, even the best IT services provider might not be able to adequately protect you.


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