If you’ve never worked with an Executive Search Firm before, you may have some misconceptions. Here at CRG, our recruitment experts are ready to help you find that next job or fill that open position with a qualified employee. So if you’re looking for an executive job or trying to fill such a role, here are some myths that may need to be busted for you.


They Work For You

If you’re a job seeker, you may think that the recruiter basically works for you. They’re finding you the best job based on your skills, right? Technically yes, but there’s one major thing to remember. A recruiter actually works with a company looking to fill a role. Their job is to find someone who meets the company’s standards. So while they are trying to help you find work, their first job is to please their clients and find the best possible candidate for their open positions.


They’re Not Worth the Investment

If you’re a company that’s looking for workers you may think that partnering with an executive staffing agency isn’t worth it. After all, when a recruiter finds you a suitable employee you don’t just have to pay your new worker. You also need to pay the recruiter a fee. Is it worthwhile to work with a recruiter if it costs you money?

Simply put, yes it is. An executive recruiter could have access to a talent pool that you’re unfamiliar with. Typically executive recruiters target passive candidates who are not actively on the job market. A recruiter might be able to spot the perfect new employee for you, and they could end up finding them somewhere you weren’t even looking.


Job Boards Mean That Recruiters Are Irrelevant

The rise of online job sites and job boards may seem like they’ve truly changed the game for job seekers and employers alike. They do offer some advantages, but acting as if they’ve rendered recruiters obsolete is just incorrect. Posting to a job board could get you some applicants, but a recruiter takes the time to sort through potential candidates to find the best ones. This helps you narrow things down and you’ll spend less time recruiting for positions that need to be filled.

If you’re a job seeker, you know that a job on a popular jobs site is probably being seen by just about every other worker in your field. You may break through the noise and get noticed among the hundreds of resumes sent to this potential employer, but you might not. A recruiter can provide a more direct line to a new employer if you’re qualified.

Recruiters Only Fill Low-Level Jobs

Another common myth is that recruiters don’t even deal with executive and c-suite jobs. Some workers think they only fill low-level jobs or temporary positions. This isn’t true for CRG though. We help employers fill a wide range of positions and we can be an amazing resource for job seekers of all types.


Your Executive Staffing Experts in Charlotte, NC

So if you’re looking for a way to fill an executive job or if you’re a job seeker on your way up, contact CRG today and see how we can help you. Our executive staffing agency specializes in helping people traverse the next step in their careers and finding the missing link that your team needs!