As a professional staffing agency, there are certain things that we look for in a temporary employee. Being a temp is like any other job. You’ll require particular skills or traits to excel, and at CRG we can recognize those traits in a potential job seeker. Let’s take a look at five of the top traits that could help you succeed in these types of jobs.



Reliability is one of the key traits we look for in a new temp. We need someone who will follow through on their commitments and show up where they’re supposed to, when they’re supposed to. Our specialized staffing agency has relationships with a number of local employers, and when we place a worker with them we’re also putting our reputation on the line. If a temp employee that we work with is unreliable, that reflects poorly on us and we’re going to be less likely to work with them in the future.



We also want to see that the temp employees that we work with are enthusiastic about the jobs we place them in. We know that not every temp job is a dream job, but we want to see people who are excited to try out something new. We want to know that you’re going to put effort into your new job, even if it’s just temporary. If you’re enthusiastic we’re probably going to work with you more often and think of you for more positions.



Temp jobs can mean new challenges and require you to adapt. Being flexible is a major asset if you’re looking for temporary work. Next week you could be in a new position at a new place. If you can’t adjust to your surroundings quickly, make the effort to learn new ways of doing things, or otherwise adapt to your new temporary position, we might not be able to find as many positions for you.


Solid Communication Skills

We also like it when our temps have good communication skills. We have to contact people to fill jobs and there’s often a ticking clock involved. If you can’t get back to us reliably, we’ll go to someone else. It’s also important to reach out to us to let us know that you’re still looking for a job. If we don’t know that you still need help with your job hunt, we’re not going to know how to make you a priority!



Of course, it also pays to have experience in different positions and a skill set that makes you an ideal fit for a number of temp jobs. The more skills you have, the more options our staffing agency will have to offer you. We do our best to work with workers of all backgrounds, but showing us that you can succeed in a wide assortment of temporary positions is a great thing!


Your Specialized Staffing Team in Greensboro, NC

If you think that you have the traits required to succeed as a temp, we can help. Whether you’re looking for the next step in your career, a position that can help you shift into a new industry, or just a temp job that can help you pay the bills right now, CRG is ready to help you leverage your skills.