The job market evolves rapidly and the needs of employers can change with it. If you’re seeking a new job in 2020, what skills and experience do you need to stand out? At CRG we work with workers and employers in a wide range of industries, so we think that we know a thing or two about what the job market might require in 2020. Here’s a look at some of the most desirable qualities for those seeking employment next year.


Good Judgment

Companies are collecting more and more data than ever. In some industries there are more outside forces and factors to consider than before. So you can bet that employers will be looking for workers with good judgment in 2020. They will need people who can sort through the data and pick out the important points. They need people to make data-backed decisions that help their business. Good judgment will open a lot of doors and keep them open.


Emotional Intelligence

This “soft” skill is of utmost importance to any employer who wants their workplace to run smoothly. This means that you can deal with others well and gauge how your actions affect your coworkers. People with high emotional intelligence are an asset to the workplace. This skill can help you avoid conflict and contribute more.



Being creative is a real asset to any team. As we said, the job market evolves rapidly. Whatever industry you’re in is probably evolving too, which means that employers need people who can deal with change and think of creative new ways to get things done.


Working With Others

This ties in with emotional intelligence. Being able to work with others is a must. Knowing how to contribute to a group and working well with the rest of your team is needed, no matter what kind of position you hold. If an employer doesn’t think that you have this capability it’s going to be harder to get a job.


Critical Thinking

More and more things are being automated these days, which makes critical thinking skills more, well, critical than ever. Machines, as of now, don’t have the capacity for logic and reason that a good employee has. Show off your critical thinking skills and you can be sure that employers will notice in 2020.


Service Orientation

This important skill may sound complicated, but it’s actually quite simple. Service orientation is just how much you actively seek ways to help others. How much do you help out the people on your team? How much do you help out your boss? How proactive are you about assisting others? If this is a skill that you can offer an employer, you can be sure that they’ll take notice of it.


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