Sometimes, a project seems impossible. When resources are limited, the timeline is not feasible, and the goal is massive—you wonder how in the world the task is going to get done. That’s the challenge brought to us by a customer who was overwhelmed with (what appeared to be) a hopeless situation. We use our expertise to accomplish the client’s goal and save them money in the process.

Here’s how the CRG team alleviated a customer’s stressful burden and helped them succeed.

The Client

The client who brought the challenge to CRG was a global lifestyle apparel company. This business recently spun off from its parent company and needed to migrate from a traditional WAN to an SD-WAN solution. The deadline for this project was rapidly approaching.

If the apparel company could not migrate 145 of their sites by a certain date, they would have to pay the parent company for staying on its network. Even if only one site was left behind after the deadline, the apparel company would still be charged the full amount.

The Challenge

The client presented the dilemma to CRG because one of the managers had a good working relationship with one of our employees. At the time, the customer was already behind on the project. Other providers contacted said the task simply wasn’t plausible in such a short amount of time. There were too many unknowns, too many risks involved, and not enough time to collect the information.

CRG was contacted about the project 45 days in advance of the deadline. We realized the colossal undertaking, but focused
on the task, not the time. CRG viewed the project as a mission that had to be accomplished no matter the effort or cost. We were committed to making this apparel company’s network migration complete.

The Solution

And so it began. CRG worked with the apparel company’s executive team to learn everything we could about the project—including what had been done up to this point, what worked and what didn’t, and what needed to be done going forward. We assembled a team of project managers and engineers to develop an aggressive schedule that would accommodate all 145 sites within the timeframe.

After gathering our top people, CRG embarked on a 24/7 operation with the understanding there was no margin for error. We accepted full responsibility and accountability for the work that was involved by taking ownership of the project. In addition to our team, CRG also orchestrated everyone involved in this mission outside CRG, such as service providers and third-party vendors.

The Result

The work was challenging, tiring, and time- consuming. But in the end, it was done by the deadline. When the looming date arrived, CRG had successfully migrated 145 sites for the apparel company. Desktop migration coordination and support weren’t even a part of our comprehensive plan. However, because the client liked how we were handling the SD-WAN migration, they asked for additional help with that task.

CRG was able to commit to this project because we have experience with this type of migration, and we made sure the client was clear on expectations from the start. On one hand, our team knew enough about what could happen along the way to be confident that we would succeed. On the other hand, the client understood we had to establish
a minimum requirement for success, and those tasks were top priority.

As a result, the apparel company did not have to pay the parent company for lingering on the network after the deadline. The client now turns to CRG for all of their IT solutions services.

How CRG Helped a Customer Tackle a Time-Sensitive Task

Now you know how CRG helped a customer tackle a time-sensitive, seemingly hopeless task and turn it into a successful network migration. By using our past network migration experience and our talented group of hard workers, the apparel company was able to meet the deadline and save money.

We at CRG, have experts who can help you with the allocation, deployment, monitoring, and management of IT resources. Check out our services today!