Our staffing agency works across many different industries, and one thing we’ve noticed as time goes on is that some markets are simply more competitive than others. Going into the new year, the recruiters here at CRG have looked into some of the most competitive markets to see what job seekers can expect. There’s growth in a lot of industries and demand for qualified workers, but there are many skilled job seekers competing for the same positions. Let’s look at some sectors that are sure to be busy in 2020.


Health Care and Social Assistance

Health care is a growing field and a variety of positions will need to be filled in the coming years. The American population is aging, new regulations concerning health care could go into effect, and the medical device industry continues to innovate, meaning that there’s always room for more skilled workers in this field. Whether it’s jobs with a health practitioner or an office gig at a health insurance provider, there’s always something brewing in this competitive field.

Professional and Business Services

This is a broad category covering a wide array of industries and career paths. Usually, if a job requires some sort of certification it can be classified as a professional service. Workers like accountants fall into this category, and accounting recruitment just happens to be one of our specialties. Demand for workers in these more specialized fields will continue to grow, and working on the needed skills now can pay off big time later.


Computer Systems Design

There are many companies that need tech expertise, but don’t yet have an in-house team that can help them fulfill all of their IT needs. Businesses in a wide range of industries will look to job agencies to fill these types of positions and competition could be fierce. If you have the skills needed to tackle IT challenges that would leave others scratching their heads, there are a lot of potential opportunities out there.


Office Administrative Services

There’s still demand for reliable office workers who can handle a wide range of tasks. Many types of office work, from receptionist positions to customer service, aren’t being automated away anytime soon and still require a human touch. If you have the skills needed to keep an office running smoothly, staffing agencies will continue to offer you plenty of opportunities.

Technical, Scientific, and Management Consulting

All types of consulting businesses are expected to grow as well, offering a small amount of new positions to workers who are best equipped to handle them. Management consulting is one potential area of job growth. In these positions you use your knowledge and skills to help businesses improve their performance and fix issues within their organization. There are other types of consulting as well, like scientific or technical.


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