The IT sector can be competitive, and if you’re looking for a job in the industry you probably want to do everything that you can to get a leg up on anyone else who applies for the same job as you. What you may not have realized yet is that a professional staffing agency can actually help you with that goal. At CRG we can place workers in new jobs that test their skills and build up their resume. Here’s why you should consider working with our agency.


Chance to Learn More Skills

One great thing about temporary work is that it allows you to learn some new skills. A new job could put you to work with a new program or application. You might have to learn a new way to do things, making you far more versatile. You’re gaining more experience and you’re going to have more to offer to a future employer because your temporary work has given you more of the tools you need to succeed.


Access New Companies

Most companies won’t list a temporary job on a job site, especially if they already have a relationship with a staffing agency like ours. You’ll only hear about such jobs by working with an IT staffing agency. This can give you access to companies and opportunities that you never would have found on your own, and these new positions could be a big help for your resume.

The staffing agency also might be able to point out opportunities for you that you might not have found otherwise. Once a recruiter knows your skills and background, they can cast a wide net and potentially bring you job leads that you never thought to pursue on your own.


Networking Opportunities

Even if you’re just a temporary employee, getting a new job in a new place can give you some great networking opportunities. You’re meeting more people in your field, including many who have or will eventually have the ability to hire you. Make a good impression and it could pay dividends later, even if you don’t get the permanent hire right now.


You Could Go From Temp to Hire

As we just mentioned, it’s entirely possible to go from temporary employee to permanent member of the team. If you do a good job in your temporary role and there’s room for you, you might be able to secure a full-time, hired position. Now, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes you’re just filling in for somebody on leave and you won’t be needed anymore. However, if the company has room and you show yourself to be an asset, you might be brought on board. At that point, the company “buys out” your contract with us and you’re on your way to full employment, with a potential pay bump and benefits to go with it. And it’s all because you went to your local professional staffing agency.


Your IT Staffing Agency in Greensboro, NC

So if you think that we can help you get ahead in the IT sector, contact us at 844-CRG-WORK. The team here at CRG will do everything that we can to get you a leg up in this industry. We look forward to helping you!