Temporary work is becoming more and more common, but how do you know if it’s right for you? At CRG, we know that different types of jobs better suit different types of workers, and we would never suggest that you make temping your main source of income if it wouldn’t work well for you. That being said, temp work does offer some key benefits and it’s very possible that temping is right for you. Here’s what you should know about temping before you reach out to a professional staffing agency.


You Can Continue to Earn a Paycheck While Looking for a Job

Job searches are tough and sometimes you don’t get the position you’re looking for right away. A temp job allows you to continue drawing a paycheck while looking for that dream job, or at least that next step towards your dream job. And because a select staffing agency is finding temp jobs for you, it’s not taking too much time away from your actual job hunt.

You Get to Try Something New

A temp job offers a great way to “test drive” a new type of job. Whether it’s a new company, a new job title, or an entirely different industry than what you’re used to, a temporary job can offer a reprieve from the type of work you’ve been doing. It could also potentially open up new career pathways that you didn’t consider before.

You Can Build Your Resume

Some temporary jobs can be great additions to your resume. First, they can help ensure that you don’t have a lengthy gap in your employment history, a potential red flag to some employers. A temp job can also give you new experiences and teach you new skills that could serve you well in your field.

A Temporary Job Can Become Permanent

If you do a good job in your temporary position, an employer might decide to bring you on board full time. “Temp-to-perm” jobs are not uncommon. If you and your employer really work well together there’s good reason to keep you around for a longer period.


These Jobs Can Be Isolating

Now of course, there could be some potential pitfalls of temp jobs that you need to watch out for. One of them is that temp work can feel isolating. Depending on the corporate culture at your assigned company, you may not be treated the same as the other employees. If this kind of looser attachment to your workplace bothers you, temping might not be ideal.


Fewer Benefits

In many cases, a temp employee doesn’t get the benefits that a full-time employee might. We’re talking about health insurance, paid time off, and other common workplace perks. Fortunately, a temp job that turns permanent could end up getting you the benefits you need eventually. If benefits and perks are a must for you, temp work might not be ideal.


Your Temporary Solutions Provider in Charlotte, NC

So if you think that temporary work might be ideal for you, contact CRG and learn more about how you can approach those next stepping stones of your career today. We’ll make it easier and less stressful to find a position where you can employ your unique skill set. We hope to hear from you soon!