If you’ve never temped before you may have some questions. When job seekers come to CRG, one of their top queries is often “How do I turn this next job into a permanent position?” While some workers use temp agencies because they like working at different companies in short bursts, others are looking for the next major stepping stone of their careers. If you’re one of the latter, here are some ways that you can excel in temp to hire agencies and companies. With these tips you just might be able to turn that temporary job into a permanent one.


Treat it Like a Permanent Job

One of the most obvious pieces of advice? Treat this temp position like a permanent job. If you really want to go from temp to hire, you have to show that you’re worth hiring. Taking the work seriously and doing a good job, even if it’s “just a temp job” will show your value as an employee and make your boss more likely to consider you for an actual full-time position. Act as if you have the job already, and you just might get it.


Take the Initiative

Don’t just do your job and sit there once your tasks for the day are done. Take the initiative and show that you have more to offer whenever possible. If you can handle different tasks outside the job’s original purview or show off your additional skills, do it.


Look Like You Belong

Standing out at work is good, but you don’t want to do it in a bad way. You want to learn about company culture and rules, including the dress code, to make sure that you look like you belong at this company. Even if you’re just a temp, dress like you’re part of the permanent team and others at work may just start to see you that way. That could improve your chances of going from temp to hire.


Network and Build Relationships

If you’re at a temp job it can feel like you’re just passing through. Some workers don’t feel the need to build relationships or act like they’re part of the team if they’re only there for a few weeks or so. If you want to excel, however, networking and building relationships at your job is a must. Even if you don’t turn this particular position into a full-time job offer, you might be more likely to secure employment at this workplace in the future because you took the effort to act like more than a temp.


Be Patient and Flexible

Above all, remember to be patient and flexible. Temp jobs can start up rather quickly and your company may not be completely set up for you right away. At the same time, a full time job offer might not come immediately. Be patient and be ready to adapt, and you’ll do fine in most temp jobs.


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