If you’re running a business, you may have thought about hiring a temporary employee. Whether you’re scaling up or working in an industry where you may need seasonal employees, a temp can be a useful asset. If you’ve never worked with an agency like ours before, the experts here at CRG can let you know what to expect.


You Can Hire Them Full-Time

First, it’s important to point out that temporary employees don’t have to stay that way. Bringing on a temporary employee is never a waste of time, because they won’t just help you fulfill upcoming goals. They can also end up being such a good fit that you want them to become a permanent member of your staff. Many temps will be glad to stay on board if they think that the company is a good fit for them as well.


A Staffing Agency Makes Finding Temps Easier

For some companies, hiring temporary workers on their own just isn’t an efficient use of their time. You may think that it’s no big deal to just hire some workers for a few months, but sorting through resumes, doing interviews, and handling other aspects of hiring can take valuable time away from your business. A professional staffing agency can be a tremendous help here. We vet the temporary workers for you and we handle much of the paperwork, since temporary workers are actually our employees after all.

Temps Are More Versatile Than You Think

Some people don’t realize just how many positions a temporary worker can fill. Some think that they only handle low skill jobs or administrative work. The workers we find can actually handle many types of positions. Their capabilities may surprise you, so don’t dismiss temp workers when you’re looking for someone to perform more specialized jobs.


Communication is Key

If you want your relationship with a new temporary worker to be fruitful, good communication is paramount. Let them know what’s expected of them specifically. If there’s an issue, don’t think “They’re just a temp.” and move on. Communicate when errors are made and any good worker will adjust. It will be better for employer and employee alike.


Treating Them Like Your “Real” Employees Pay Off

Some companies bring on a temp and make them feel like a less important part of the team. Even the most dedicated and skilled worker isn’t going to give you their best if they don’t feel appreciated. Temporary workers can add to your business, so treating them the same and holding them to the same standards can be beneficial. Don’t lower your standards for them, let them get the same perks as your full-time workers do, and make sure that they are a real part of the team, despite their temporary status.


Prioritize Safety

Remember to make sure that you’re giving your temp employees the same safety training as everyone else. Making assumptions about what they know already can have consequences. A temp employee is actually more likely to get injured on the job, but a proper focus on safety during the onboarding process can help you avoid this potential pitfall.


Your Temporary Staffing Provider in Charlotte, NC

If you think that temporary employees could work for you, contact the professional staffing experts at CRG. We’ll help you find temporary employees that are great fits for your business.