When you’re looking for a new executive job, your LinkedIn page can help a lot. You can easily keep track of potentially useful connections and you have an easy way to display all of your skills in one place. That being said, the executive search team here at CRG has also seen some costly LinkedIn mistakes that could actually hurt you in your job hunt! Fortunately, our employment recruiters have the experience needed to help you avoid these pitfalls and move to the next stage of your career.


Not Telling a Story

Listing your qualifications and skills is great, but for executive jobs you need something more. You need to show that you’ve had a transformation and become someone who really makes a difference at your company. Not using your LinkedIn profile to tell a story about what you can accomplish is a wasted opportunity. Tell the story of your evolution and show how you can excel in an executive position. Just listing some job responsibilities with bullet points doesn’t cut it.


Not Using the Skills Section of Your Profile

There are dozens of skills that you can add to your LinkedIn profile. You can add a maximum of fifty, so make sure that you do that even when some of the terms sound a bit redundant. You don’t always know what terms an employer or personnel staffing agency is going to search for, so covering all of your bases is wise. Then make sure that people are endorsing you for said skills. This can help a lot, and not taking full advantage of the skills section of your LinkedIn profile can mean that you don’t paint a complete picture of how valuable you are.


Not Having Enough Connections

If you’ve been in your field for long enough to secure an executive position, you should have a lot of connections. Not having a lot could be a bit of a red flag. Aim for more than 500 quality connections so that more people can find you and see what you have to offer.


Using an Inappropriate Photo

LinkedIn is a site for professional networking and your profile picture should reflect that. Not having a photo is a bad idea, but an inappropriate one is even worse. Use a photo where you’re dressed professionally and make sure that you’re not giving off a vibe that you’re not taking your job search seriously. Save the photos from the beach and parties for Facebook.


Not Customizing Your Headline

The headline on LinkedIn gives whoever views your page a quick heads-up about your position, but only in the most general terms. Customizing your headline to highlight more of your skills and experience is a good idea, as is writing down what kind of opportunities you’re looking for. This headline could grab attention and prove to be a boon for your executive job search.


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