The experts at CRG know that some information technology terms can sound a bit confusing at first. As a dependable provider of managed IT services, we do our best to provide your company with the information technology knowledge and support that it needs, and that includes patch management service. You might be wondering what that is and how it can help. We have those answers for you.


How Does it Work?

Patch management is simple. Your IT team looks for patches, which improve already existing programs on your system, and implements them. These patches can add features, fight back against bugs, or make you more secure. The IT infrastructure of even a small business can result in a ton of patches to keep up with, and a managed IT services provider can help you keep track of it all.


What are the Benefits?


It Keeps Systems Secure

Patch management actually helps keep your systems more secure. A provider of managed IT services that also provides patch management services is keeping an eye out for the latest patches and implementing them when needed. An outside provider even has time to test out each patch and verify the usefulness and safety of each one, something a stretched IT team employed by a small business might not be able to handle as efficiently.


Handles Continuous Monitoring Needs For You

You have a lot to keep track of when you’re running your business. You don’t have time to continuously monitor for the latest updates to your IT infrastructure. Your IT services provider has that time, and they make it their business. If you have someone providing patch management services for you, you know that they’re on top of the latest updates and that your team doesn’t have to worry about it.


Services Are Scalable

Patch management services are also scalable. This means that they can adapt to the size and scope of your business. A provider of managed IT services knows that one size doesn’t fit all. This applies to patch management services as well, so you can be sure that your provider is giving you just what your business needs without any unnecessary additions.


You’ll Receive Reports

A provider of patch management services will also keep you updated on everything that they’re doing, so that you can be sure that you have the latest advances and most possible security at your disposal. Your provider will tell you what patches have been applied and what they do, and they’ll let you know if any major changes could affect how you do business.


Things Keep Running Smoothly

Because your patch management services provider is stepping in to help you, you don’t have to worry about falling behind on the latest updates or security upgrades. The benefit of managed IT services is not having to worry about IT problems as you focus on other areas of your business. Patch management services help to keep things running smoothly without need for intervention on your end. Your IT support team has it handled.

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