CRG is a global provider of executive search, contract staffing, and managed IT services.

Our company has experienced dramatic growth and diversification over the past 27 years. But one thing has remained the same: our dedication to our employees and clients.

Here’s the story of how CRG got started, why our team became successful, and how we help businesses with search, staffing, and solutions.

How Did CRG Get Started?

In 1994, founder and CEO Tim Sessoms created and built a successful local IT staffing firm headquartered in High Point, N.C.

One of Tim’s biggest strengths is building deep, meaningful relationships. Tim began CRG with a small number of employees and a clientele that rivaled anyone in our business. Because of his relationships, Sessoms and CRG successfully became a trusted partner to companies such as Lowe’s, Volvo, and Duke Energy.

Sessoms began thinking about selling the company in 2012. Jason Heller and his partners were looking to acquire some staffing firms and approached Sessoms about selling CRG in 2013. After turning them down three times, Sessoms suggested Heller join CRG and bring the team from his previous firm. Heller agreed and became the chief operating officer and welcomed his former employees to CRG.

Fast forward to the present day, CRG has more than 600 employees in the U.S. and Latin America who serve 100+ clients. We are a global provider of talent acquisition and optimization as well as technology solutions. Our services include executive search, contract and executive staffing, and managed IT services and consulting.

What Has Led to CRG’s Success?

Our industry has a reputation for high employee turnover. But at CRG, our people don’t leave. We have recruiters that have been with us for more than 25 years. The average tenure of the people on our team is 8-10 years. Their ability to establish connections and build trust with clients is the reason CRG is successful.

The CRG leadership team believes how we treat our people is a direct reflection of how they will manage our clients and candidates. We take servant leadership seriously. We care about our employees’ best interests and want to see them succeed. Our biggest growth has come from the deep, meaningful relationships that we’ve had throughout all levels of our organization for a long time.

Because of the connections we’ve fostered within CRG, our clients stick with us no matter where their career paths take them. We have several customers who’ve worked for different companies and continued to use our services because they know what to expect. Our reputation is built upon a commitment to our clients to serve their needs.

What Can CRG Do For My Business?

When you contact CRG about our search, staffing, or solutions services, we start with a conversation that’s based on honesty. We are transparent when it comes to our capabilities, candidates, and expectations. We will dig deep to understand your company’s culture and specific needs.

CRG’s recruitment goal is focused on discovering what kind of person flourishes in your environment. It’s not that hard to find a candidate with the right skillset; it’s more difficult to provide a cultural fit for your business.

We are also consistent in our communication and follow-up procedures. We’d rather over-communicate to be sure you have all of the information you need than leave you wondering with worry.

What Has CRG Done for Other Clients?

One of CRG’s clients is a business that’s approaching $1 billion with plans to go public next year. The company’s rapid growth has made it difficult to keep up with staffing.

With the help of our HR staffing services, this business has been able to fill its human resources (HR) and talent acquisition team, as well as staff numerous positions from senior level down to customer service.

Another CRG client is the chief financial officer (CFO) of an $11 billion company who has used our services at several different businesses. We’ve helped him with accounting recruiting, filling senior-level temporary positions, and other various recruitment needs. We are now his search and staffing provider no matter which company he’s working for.

A CRG client who’s the chief executive officer (CEO) of a $700 million company started using our services when we asked for the opportunity to place some accountants. Now, that relationship has grown to a level where we’ve helped fill regional sales, senior-level IT, and senior-level accounting and finance positions.

A large, international beverage company gave CRG the chance to do a couple of IT consulting jobs. The success of those projects led to us managing all of their IT services. When someone calls this company’s help desk, they’re calling the experts at CRG.

CRG: Our Start, Success, & Service

Now you know more about the history of CRG, why we’ve been successful, and what we can do for our clients.

Our culture is based on the “we before me” attitude. We leave our egos at the door and strive to work together to make everyone successful. That same attitude carries over into how we treat our clients, and that’s why they stick around.

Our team would love the chance to become part of your team. Whether you need search or staffing services, let us know how we can help you today!