At CRG we don’t just help people find entry level jobs. We work with job seekers of all kinds and of all skill levels to help them find the next stepping stone of their career. That includes skilled workers who have a lot of experience, including those in the accounting industry. Our accounting staffing experts can even help people find temporary work in the accounting sector.


There is actually a big need for temporary employees in accounting due to just how busy tax season can get. If you’re interested in temporary accounting work and you have the skills and experience needed, we can help you out. However, there are a few things that temporary employees should know about tax season before taking on work at an accounting firm.


Work Can Be Flexible

Tax season gets really busy. Because of that, the temporary jobs available end up being pretty flexible. There are weekend hours available. You can work nights. Some jobs are part time while other positions are full time. Whatever your schedule looks like, there’s probably a temporary job in accounting that can fit into it. That’s why these temp jobs can be a good match for many kinds of workers. If you’re a parent, if you’re already working another job, or if you are just getting back into the workforce, accounting temp agencies can probably find you a position that works for you.


Types of Jobs Available Can Vary

The accounting sector is also flexible when it comes to what kinds of jobs it offers once the hectic tax season officially kicks off. Are you a trained tax preparer? Great, there’s probably something out there for you. Even if you don’t have a background in accounting there are still positions available at some firms that you might be a fit for.


Tax preparers help clients get their documents in order for the IRS. Audit associates specialize in helping clients who get audited by the government. This can take a lot of prep and a lot of paperwork, so most clients are thankful for the help. There are also positions like tax examiners and tax advisers. Then there are the positions that don’t actually deal with too much of the more complicated tax stuff. Data entry personnel, general clerks, data transcribers, and other administrative jobs are also filled during tax season. So even if you aren’t someone who has prepared taxes for someone else before, you might be able to find a flexible temp job at an accounting firm.


Different Companies May Want Different Levels of Experience

It’s also important to note that different firms can require different levels of experience. Obviously different jobs require different credentials, but some companies can also require training for certain jobs before you hit the ground running. You may need to take some courses to qualify for particular positions, especially if they involve tax prep specifically.


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If you think that you’re a good fit for a temporary accounting job, talk to a finance recruiter at CRG today. We’ll match your skills and with an employer that can make good use of them.