Here at CRG we frequently talk to job seekers who want to know if a temporary job can turn into a permanent one. Our staffing agency sees such “temp to perm” positions from time to time, but as with all employment situations there are pros and cons of temp to perm jobs. If you’re thinking about seeking a temp to perm job, it pays to study up on potential benefits and drawbacks of taking such a position.


You Have a Chance to Make an Impression

A temp to perm position is a great way to make an impression. Normally you might have a hard time getting your foot in the door at a new company. Working with a recruiter can give you a chance to make a connection at a new workplace that you may not have been able to break into on your own. Many employers use temporary staffing agencies to “try out” potential employees, so if you do a good job you can end up turning that temp position into a permanent one.


It’s a Good Way to Transition to a New Role or Career

A temp to hire job can be a great way to try out a new role or career. Some positions can serve as the perfect bridge to another type of position or even work in a different industry. If you think that you’re ready for a change, a temp to perm position might be a good fit for you.


You Can See if a Job is Right For You

A temp to perm position also allows you to see if a type of job is right for you. A staffing agency can help you try out a number of different jobs in different fields, giving you the chance to see if you want to keep pursuing a certain career path. If your temp job works for you and it becomes permanent, great! If you don’t like it, you can look for something else without inconveniencing an employer.



Jobs Probably Don’t Offer Benefits…At First

Most temp jobs don’t offer the benefits that you may expect from a full-time position. If it becomes permanent you may end up getting health insurance coverage, paid time off, and other perks, but if you need those benefits right now a temp job might not be ideal for you.


Less Stability

A temp job might be less stable. If the position doesn’t turn permanent, you’ll be looking for a new job sooner than you might like. With our recruiters on your side that job hunt is much easier, but it’s still something that you should consider when looking at temp to hire positions.


You Might Get Lower Pay

Unless your skills are really in demand, you might end up getting paid less at a temporary position. If you need more money you may want to consider a different type of employment, but remember that a temp to perm position can end up paying you more once you’re officially brought on board.


Your Staffing Agency in Greensboro, NC

If you think that a temp to perm job might work out well for you, talk to the job staffing experts at CRG today. We’ll help you find a new position that utilizes your skills and guide you along as you take the next step of your career.