If you’re working with recruiting agencies you probably want to be sure that you’re standing out. There are lots of job seekers out there, so you’ll want to attract attention for the right reasons. At CRG we see a lot of job hunters and work with many companies who need to fill roles. Taking a few simple steps can make a big difference and lead to success.


Edit Your Resume

One of the first steps is to edit your resume. We’re not just talking about eliminating spelling errors and grammatical flaws, but of course that’s a good idea. We also mean customizing your resume based on what jobs you’re looking for. The more specific you are with a recruiter, the better. If you have a lengthy work history and many skills to display, picking out the information that best shows what you could do in your new position.


Do Your Research

Do your research on your recruiter. Knowing what industries they work in and how they operate can help you learn how you should approach your job hunt and your work with your recruiter. It also pays to research the companies that your recruiter matches you up with, just as you would for any job interview. Consistently giving good interviews where you clearly know about the company and ask smart questions reflects well on you, and it could make your recruiter more likely to put you up for more positions.


Be Proactive

Reaching out to your recruiter often and being proactive pays off too. Your recruiter might be working with a lot of different job seekers. Contact them often and remind them that you’re around and still looking for work. It can make a big difference.


Focus on Your Accomplishments and Results

We’ve mentioned your resume and how you should focus on specific things when seeking specific jobs. Showcasing your skills and experience is a good idea, but it’s an even better idea to also have some accomplishments and results to talk about. What big projects have you completed? What work goals have you met? Have you led a team to success? You want to show that you can accomplish big things in a new position. This helps you stand out to a recruiter because they want to find the best possible employee for their client.

Communicate and Be Specific

It also pays to communicate well with your recruiter and be specific about what you’re looking for. This helps a recruiter figure out which kinds of positions are best to refer your way. Displaying good communication skills also helps because it shows that you’ll probably do well in interviews and that you have the soft skills needed to perform well in many types of jobs.


Your Recruiting Agency in Charlotte, NC

If you follow these steps, you’ll likely have more success with job recruitment agencies. And if you’re looking for a job here in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas, see what CRG and our team of recruiters can do for you. Before you know it, you’ll be embarking on the next step of your career.