We specialize in helping employers fill positions with the skilled workers that they need. While once thought of a niche sector, in recent years the experts at CRG have noticed that demand for temp work just keeps growing. There are many reasons to talk to temp agencies when you’re looking for a job or trying to fill a position, and demand for temporary work will continue to grow across different industries for a few reasons.


Seasonal Demand

Whichever industry you work in, you know that there are busy times of year and leaner times. This could mean that sometimes you need more workers and sometimes you need less. That’s where temping agencies could help your company. We can help a company fill positions that aren’t needed year-round. You can get the employee you need to help with a holiday workload, and after that you can return to business as usual. This kind of flexibility can be great for businesses operating in all kinds of sectors.


Job Seekers Want Flexibility

Employers aren’t the only ones who need flexibility. Many job seekers want flexibility as well, and temporary employment can provide that. The number of independent contractors and workers continues to rise in the United States. Depending on the industry you work in and the skill set that you have, it’s very possible to piece together a good living through temporary jobs and independent contractor positions. If you want a more flexible option than the nine-to-five grind, some temp agencies can help you.


People Need More Skills

The job market is more competitive than ever, and it’s affecting temp agencies in an unexpected way. It’s not just that more people want help in their job hunts. Many job seekers have realized that temp agencies can represent a great way to build their resume and improve their skills. Taking temp jobs can help you become a more versatile employee, and thus a more valuable addition to any team.


More Positions Are “Temp to Perm”

More companies have also realized that a temporary position gives them a great chance to give a potential new employee a try out of sorts. Workers who perform well can sometimes end up getting a permanent position out of it. At the same time, they get to learn about the company and how it works before accepting permanent employment, meaning that workers hit the ground running once their new job starts up. There are definite benefits of “temp to perm” jobs for both employers and employees, and companies are taking notice and going to temping agencies for help.


Employees Like Working With Temp Agencies

Many job seekers actually indicate that they like working with recruiters when asked. If the relationship between employers and temp agencies and the relationship between job hunters and temp agencies keeps improving, you can be sure that temping agencies will keep growing.


Your Temp Agency in Charlotte, NC

So whether you’re an employer looking to fill a role or a job seeker who wants to diversify their skill set, we can help. Our temp services team will match you with the right candidate or position as soon as we can. Contact CRG at 844-CRG-WORK today!