Many workers coming to CRG aren’t just looking for temporary employment. For some workers, making that next assignment a full-time job is their top priority, and we do our best to find temp to hire jobs that make use of their skills and experience. Once you do get that offer to go full-time, however, you might encounter one last challenge. We’re talking about salary negotiations. In some cases you do have the opportunity to negotiate your pay rate after you’re a full-time worker and no longer with the office temp agency who found you the job. If you do get the chance to negotiate, here are some things to keep in mind.


Do the Research

Research is key here, just as it would be for any other salary negotiation. Know the going rate for your position in your area. Giving a completely random number or a ridiculous range, like $50,000 to $80,000 per year, won’t help you in your negotiations.

It also pays to research the company. What are their goals and what do they need? If you think that you can be an even better asset than they initially thought, specifically tell them why.


Highlight Your Skills

On a similar note, be sure to highlight those skills that you bring to the table. You need to show that you’re worth the salary that you’re requesting, and emphasizing your skill set or what you’ve accomplished in other positions, or even in the short time you’ve been a temp at this current company, can help.


Talk to Your Recruiter

It’s also a good idea to talk to your recruiter before plunging head first into salary negotiations. Remember, your recruiter has probably had a working relationship with this company for a while. They may know more about the company that you received the full-time job offer from and why your particular salary was offered. They may also know more about whether temp to hire workers had success negotiating their salary in the past or if the firm you’ll be working for isn’t keen to renegotiate once a full-time position has been offered.


Take Note of Benefits

When you negotiate your salary, you also have to consider the benefits you’ll get from going full-time. Temporary jobs often don’t offer any kind of benefits, like health insurance, but going from temp to permanent can come with some perks. You might receive only a small bump to hourly pay, but take a look at what else comes with the offer. How is the health insurance plan, if it’s offered? Do you get paid time off, like personal days and medical leave? Does your new job match your contributions to retirement or investment accounts? You might realize that the benefits offered actually help compensation for this new position rise to your standards. A full-time job isn’t always just about the take home pay.


Finding You Temp to Hire Jobs in Greensboro, NC

If you’re looking for temp to hire jobs in Greensboro, NC, our recruiters can help. At CRG we work with job seekers at all levels to help them find that next stepping stone in their career path, and we can help you too.