If you’ve never worked with a temp agency before, you may have some confusion about how they work. Fortunately, the experts here at CRG are here to help you. If you’re working with a temp agency to fulfill staffing needs or you’re a worker looking for your next big opportunity, recruitment agencies like ours are able to help.

What They Do For Workers

If you’re a worker looking for a job, here’s what you should know about working with recruitment companies. Normally you’ll come in for an interview, hand over a resume, and let us know what your career goals are. If we think that you qualify for the types of positions that we fill, we’ll put you in a database and keep your information on file. Then when a job comes up that you could be a good fit for, we’ll reach out and let you know. Different agencies specialize in different areas. For example, we offer executive search services for high-level positions as well. You may not find that when working with another recruiter.

If you’re working with a temp agency you don’t have to pay anything. They’re collecting a fee from your employer. You’re also being paid directly by the employment recruiters that you’re working with. You don’t have to worry about missed paychecks, like you might with freelance work, or anything like that when working with a reputable agency. You also get to try out a number of different fields if you get matched with multiple temp jobs. If your employer decides to hire you, they essentially “buyout” your contract with the staffing agency and start to pay you directly.


What They Do For Client Companies

If you’re a company that plans to work with a recruiter, here’s what you can expect. As we mentioned, we’ve met with qualified workers already. You tell us what job needs to be filled and we’ll see which of the workers we’ve connected with are qualified for the job. You can find temps this way, temp to hire employees, or even full time employees through a recruiter. If you do decide to take on an employee permanently, that often means buying them out of their current contract with us.

Working with a recruiter can be more efficient than having your HR department search for qualified candidates. We already have connections with people who have the skills you need. Recruitment companies can also take on some other tasks before you hire a worker, including background checks and looking for work references. Depending on what you’re looking for in a new employee, a temp agency can help you find a great worker without a lot of manpower or cost. You just have to pay our fee and we’ll pay your new worker for you. It’s that simple.


Your Temp Agency and Staffing Partners in Raleigh, NC

So when you’re looking to fill a role or take the next step in your career, reach out to the specialized staffing experts at CRG. We can handle executive staffing and any of your other recruitment needs. We hope to hear from you soon!