We’ve extolled the value of managed IT services before. At CRG, we know just how many benefits an outside provider of IT support can provide, whether you’re running a small company or a larger firm. What should you look for in a managed IT services provider though? And what should you be ready to ask them? Fortunately, we can help guide you through this process and ensure that your managed IT services provider is the perfect one for you.


How Do You Hire IT Personnel?

Your managed IT services provider is only as good as the staff that they hire. You’ll want to know how a company hires their workers and how they pick out the best talent. Is it a long interview process? Do they really pay attention to detail and see what an individual can bring to a company? The more comprehensive the hiring process, the better IT support staff you’ll be working with.


What Are Your Specialties?

Providers of managed IT services generally aren’t the best in every single area. They’ll specialize in certain industries and are more adept at handling certain applications. Learn what their specialties are and see if that’s what you need in an IT services provider.


How Does Onboarding Look?

Bringing on a managed IT services provider is a process. Knowing how their onboarding works and what you can expect in the first few months of your relationship is a good idea. Having the knowledge you need can reduce stress levels and ensure that you and your new IT partner hit the ground running.


What’s Your Response Time?

A good IT services provider should be able to tell you how long it will take to respond to your inquiries. When you have a problem, you need a responsive partner that can get you back on track right away. A vague answer about when they can get back to you is a red flag. Knowing about late business hours and how to get in contact outside of a typical workday is incredibly important as well.


How Often Do Your Review Our IT Infrastructure?

You want a managed IT services provider that will check in on your IT infrastructure when needed. Do they offer a monthly review or a quarterly one? Knowing how often you will get updates can reduce stress and let you know how your IT is scaling with your company as you grow. Make sure that you and the IT services provider are on the same page.


How Do Your Anticipate New IT Needs?

You also want an IT services provider who can prepare for future threats. See how a provider focuses on that and learn more about what they can do to help protect your company from risk. A major IT issue can be a huge headache for your company, resulting in lost profits, compromised data, and angry customers. A managed IT services provider will anticipate new needs and adapt to evolving IT problems.


Your Managed IT Services Expert in Greensboro, NC

Now that you know what to ask, contact us and see if our managed IT services are just what your company needs. All of the IT experts here at CRG look forward to hearing from you and growing with your company!