Follow these tips to learn how to improve your personal brand by building your LinkedIn profile and growing your network.

Lauren Coberly (Director of IT Staffing) and Nora Hermann (Director of Staffing in Professional Services) discuss LinkedIn tips and tricks to make your profile stand out to potential players the first time as a professional photo.

Professional Photo

So this may sound simple but a photo really does say 1000 words so you want the picture to be welcoming but also professional. Think eyes to the camera, a genuine smile, dress professionally and just make sure that you’re the solo subject.

Open to Work

One of the ways on your profile that you can indicate that you are interested is you can actually select an option called “open to work.” This allows recruiters to search more quickly and efficiently in order to find your profile and make it stand out against others that may not be on the job market.

About Me

The next step is the about me section. Use this space for potential employers and recruiters to get to know you in just a few brief sentences. You can either add some personal details about yourself or use the space to chat a little bit further about your career ambissions.

Contact Information

This is very simple setting where you can add your phone number, your email address and other forms of contact so that we can send you job descriptions and start that conversation quickly so we can activate your job search.

Titles and Descriptions

If your current organization requires you to use a specific internal title that’s not descriptive or atypical, just be sure that any keywords or information you include in the descriptions of your roles accurately portray the responsibilities that you held within those positions.


These are going to be singular tools or skill sets that you’ve used in previous roles that are easily searchable by companies or recruiters to separately identify your profile. These need to be things that you’ve worked on but they really need to be things that you’re truly an expert in.


You’re going to want to build a strategic network on LinkedIn based on either individuals that are within the same field as you or within a field that you’re looking to pursue your career. This will allow you to connect with others of similar backgrounds, learn about what they do, expand your knowledge base and really just develop that community.

We want CRG to be a partner for you and for any company that you’re interested in, so if you have any other questions please feel free to reach out let us know and we hope to work with you soon!