Like many temp to hire agencies, we’ve heard plenty of myths and rumors about temp work and temp workers here at CRG. Whether you’re looking for work or looking for a skilled employee to fill an important role, it’s important to sift through these rumors to learn what working with a temp agency is really like. Here are some common temp worker and agency myths, debunked.


Temp Workers Handle Simple Jobs

Some companies think that temp workers are just equipped to handle simple jobs. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. When you come to our temp agency looking for workers, you’re drawing from a deep talent pool. You won’t have a problem finding someone who offers the skills that you need. A temp worker can be a great fit for an entry level position, but just know that those aren’t the only roles that our agency and our talented workers can help you fill.


Temp Workers Don’t Have Goals

Some people think that temp workers don’t have goals or long-term plans. That’s another myth that needs to be busted. People turn to temp work for many reasons, and none of them are laziness or a lack of ambition. Some workers can benefit from the flexibility that temp work provides. Others are hoping that it turns into a full time position. Working a variety of temporary jobs can also be a great way to build a better resume, meaning that a temp worker could end up getting an even better job in the near future. Temps have goals too, and they’re going to work hard for you and try to get closer to achieving them.


You Can’t Find a Permanent Job This Way

We mentioned earlier that some workers hope that a temp job turns permanent. That actually can happen quite frequently. If you get a job through a temp agency a company that likes you can choose to hire you outright. So if you’re looking for a permanent job, don’t rule out temp to hire agencies.


Staffing Agencies Take a Cut of Your Pay

If you’re looking for a job, you may have avoided hiring agencies because you’re worried that they’ll take a cut of your pay. That’s not how it works though. Instead, a temp agency charges an employer a fee to find them the workers they need. A recruiter doesn’t take anything from your paycheck. In fact, they are actually negotiating with your employer to get you more pay or benefits!


Temp Agencies Just Fill Roles with Anyone They Find

Some employers think that temp agencies just find whoever they can for a position and just fill a seat. That’s not the case. At CRG we want to be a matchmaker. We want to find an employee that’s a good fit for the job, instead of filling the job with just anybody. That’s better for the employer and that’s better for the employee, and it can lead to a long term relationship that’s beneficial to both.


Your Office Temp Agency in Greensboro, NC

So whether you’re looking for that next stepping stone in your career or you’re an employer who wants to draw from a diverse talent pool, our office temp agency can help. Contact CRG at 844-CRG-WORK and see how we can assist you today.