Here at CRG, we’ve previously highlighted some of the benefits of managed IT services. This is when you opt for an outside IT team that can manage many of your tech needs, instead of spending time and money to build up your own team internally. While we think that most companies can benefit from the use of managed IT services, we want to emphasize that small businesses can reap even more benefits from these services. Here’s a look at how these IT services can make big differences at your small business.

Less Downtime

Downtime is expensive, but managed IT services can help you avoid it. If you want your small business to offer stability and dependability to customers, working with an outside IT team can help ensure that your servers and equipment are working when they need to be. They may be more prepared than an internal IT team that you’ve thrown together. When you figure out how much time and money just a few hours of downtime can cost you, opting for outside IT support will look like the great deal that it is.

Access to Experienced IT Professionals

When you opt for managed IT services, you get access to some of the most experienced IT professionals around. A small business may not have the funding to bring on an internal team of experts. Instead they could hire younger workers without as much real world experience. When you see what kind of expertise a veteran IT team can offer, you’ll realize the value of managed IT services.

Tech Upgrades When You Need Them

Some small companies that use their own IT teams may not be able to keep up with the latest upgrades. An outside provider of IT services makes it their priority. You’ll get the newest technology right away. This makes your technology more reliable, reduces expensive downtime, and helps you avoid other interruptions to your business.

Lower, More Predictable Costs

Outsourcing your IT can also mean lower costs and more predictable expenses. An emergency project, a network going down, or another huge problem could cost your company big money. A provider of IT support will be more prepared for these situations, taking precautions and instituting proactive measures you may not have thought of on your own. This can help you better predict the costs of your IT needs.

The Ability to Accelerate Through Innovation

Outsourcing IT services can also surprise you by making it possible to accelerate growth and reach business goals even faster. A provider of managed IT services will allow your small business to make the most out of emerging technology and the latest innovations.

Improved Focus

Another benefit of employing a managed IT services provider is that it can improve the productivity and focus of your business. You don’t have to focus any of your resources on IT, so your workers can do what they do best. They’re serving your customers well, developing new product, and working on other ways for your business to get ahead. This is better than wasting their time on trying to manage your IT issues. The benefits of managed IT services for your small business can’t be overstated.