We know that attracting top talent is always a challenge. That being said, our staffing agency has noticed that attracting Millennial talent can actually be even tougher! Younger workers may have some different ideas about job hunting, work-life balance, and other workplace issues. You want to make sure that you’re crafting an image and making efforts that help attract great workers from this generation.

The Millennial generation is currently the biggest generation in the United States labor force. Figuring out exactly what their looking for is beneficial for the long-term health of your company. Here are some tips that could help you out.

Authentic Social Media Use

One thing employment recruiters have noticed about Millennial workers is that authentic social media can really stand out when they’re job hunting. A company that just uses social media because they were told to and doesn’t actually put any effort into it won’t impress top Millennial talent. If you’re planning to use your social media channels as a recruiting tool.

Posting about great customer experiences can help. Adding in stories about recent successes of individuals or groups of employees can make a Millennial worker feel like you’re going to value their particular contributions. Showing that your company supports worthy social causes can also help your company stand out among Millennial job hunters.


Attracting top Millennial talent requires transparency at every stage of the process. Our career staffing experts have noticed that this generation has little patience for opaqueness in the job hunting process. Start with the hiring ad, making sure that job responsibilities and requirements are clear. Otherwise a Millennial might skip right over it and apply for something else. Make sure that your job recruitment process is transparent as well, and let them know what kinds of growth they can expect at this position. Top Millennial talent wants to know that they’re at a firm they can grow with, and one where they might stagnate could be passed over.

Focus on Company Culture

Recruitment companies have also noticed that company culture is incredibly important to Millennial workers. Showing that your company’s culture emphasizes innovation, engagement, and value of individual employees. You could even invite Millennial candidates to company events, like group lunches or happy hours.

Connect Before They Start Their Job Hunt

One key to getting on a Millennial’s radar is connecting with them before they even start their job hunt. In the age of social media, it’s easier than ever to reach out to potential employees before they start looking at job boards. Reach out to skilled workers on Linkedin. Set up some Facebook ads that could attract attention from Millennial job seekers. Your company will be at the front of their mind before their job hunt really begins.

Offer Training and Mentoring Opportunities

Training and guidance are important to Millennial workers. Show that you’re investing in them and helping them learn new skills, and they’ll feel valued and become more likely to stick around. As an added bonus, you’re helping a good employee become even better.

If your company is looking to attract Millennial talent, contact CRG. We’ll work hard on your behalf to secure the best candidates for your open roles.