Here at CRG, we’ve sung the praises of managed IT services before. Instead of forming their own information technology teams, more and more companies are looking into this option. Considering all of the benefits that managed IT services have to offer, that’s no surprise to us. Let’s take a closer look at why this particular kind of IT services is rising in popularity.

Reduced Risk

This is a big one. With managed IT services you don’t have to worry about technology and some of the headaches that come with it. Your IT support provider is on top of things. If there’s some kind of issue with your system, they’ll know right away. They’re also more likely to have upgraded to the latest, most secure technology. We’ve noticed that some companies that try to take care of their IT needs on their own might skimp on upgrades or neglect getting the latest updates. A managed IT services provider won’t do that, and you get a more stable IT infrastructure to rely on as a result.

Reduced Costs

Managed IT services don’t just reduce risk. They can reduce costs as well. Think about how much it would cost to pay your own dedicated IT team. You also need to factor in how much time and money is spent during the hiring process, for each potential employee. When all is said and done, outsourcing your IT needs to a qualified provider can help you reduce costs. You’ll know that your tech is in good hands and you’ll have more to spend on your business.

More Productive Employees

Opting for managed IT services can make your own employees more productive in a number of ways. As we’ve noted, having your IT needs handled by a qualified outside team reduces risks. That means less downtime, which means that your employees are able to actually work when they’re at work! There’s nothing worse than having your team sitting around, unable to do anything productive because the tech you rely on is failing.

Managed IT services can also boost productivity in another way. Instead of building their own dedicated IT teams, some companies think that their employees can just do it all. That means pulling workers away from their main job to tackle IT problems that they may not be as well-versed in. Not only does it take them longer to find a fix, but their main tasks are not being dealt with. This puts them behind and makes your whole team less productive.

Improved Security

Because they’re using the latest tech and upgrades, a provider of managed IT services can even offer you better security. Let’s face it. Technology is evolving rapidly and it can be hard for a company to keep up. At the same time, cyber security is becoming more and more important. Security breaches can be expensive and cause your customers to lose trust in you. Instead of stressing, companies are looking to outside sources of IT support to ensure that their systems stay secure. We wouldn’t be surprised to see even more demand for managed IT services in the near future.