At CRG, we’ve seen some great resumes that really sum up a candidate’s qualifications and serve as a great first impression. Unfortunately, we’ve also seen some resumes that are less than impressive. There are mistakes big and small that job seekers can easily make on a resume, reducing their chances of getting hired. Knowing these mistakes and how to avoid them is key. Here’s a look at some of the ways your resume is saying “Don’t Hire Me.”

Bad Formatting

The unfortunate truth about resumes is that hiring managers and recruitment agencies have a ton of them to sort through. That means that the individual reviewing your resume doesn’t have that much time to spend on it. You want to make sure that your resume is easy to read. Someone needs to be able to see key info, like your current position, without straining to read small type. Saving your resume in PDF format can also avoid accidental formatting issues.

Grammar and Spelling Errors

Spelling mistakes and bad grammar can show that you’re not putting your all into crafting a resume. You’re not taking extra time to see if your resume looks good, so why would you put extra work into an actual job? Just proofread, read your resume out loud, or even give it to someone else to look over before sending it off to recruitment agencies or hiring managers.

Overuse of Buzzwords or “Jargon”

Sometimes it may seem like a good idea to throw around some buzzwords or jargon that show how well you know your industry. However, overusing such terms can just make your resume confusing and hard to sort through. Keep things simple and communicate your skills clearly.

Length of Resume

This issue can go both ways. A resume that’s too short doesn’t show that you’re a fit for the job. A resume that’s too long can be just as bad though. If you have a lot of work experience, you need to limit the length of your resume and focus on what really matters in your work history. Avoid listing unnecessary extracurricular activities or experiences that really don’t factor into your current job hunt.

Your Qualifications Aren’t Obvious

If your resume doesn’t list your skills and qualifications front and center, where someone would easily spot them within a few seconds, it’s time to change up your resume. Whether it’s trimming the fat or reformatting it, taking some extra time to do this can make a big difference.

Unnecessary Images

You also want to avoid placing unnecessary images in your resume. Some job seekers think that it will set them apart, and in our experience providing staffing services it can. Unfortunately, it’s not in a good way. It just takes up space and distracts from the substance of your resume.

No Cover Letter

Finally, a lack of a cover letter can also work against you. Some job listings don’t specify a need for one, but including a short letter very rarely works against you. Just keep things brief and highlight your skills. A lack of a cover letter could indicate to a potential employer that you’re just not ready to put in the bare minimum of effort. Follow these tips and you might be hearing back about your dream job sooner than you’d think.