Here atĀ CRG, we’ve outlined some of the benefits of managed IT services and support before. There are many reasons to outsource your information technology needs to the experts. Yet another reason is that using managed IT services can actually help reduce client churn.

What is client churn? Simply put, it’s the loss of clients or customers. Sometimes it’s referred to as client attrition or customer turnover, but whatever it’s called it’s something that your business will want to cut down on. Fortunately, managed IT services can actually help you retain customers and keep them satisfied. Here’s a look at how a few ways that managed IT support can cut down on client churn.

You’re Using the Latest Technology

The latest technology can make everything run smoother. A company that uses managed IT services is more likely to employ that tech and your clients know it. Some companies that handle that service themselves may be slow to react or adopt the newest tech. A company that provides managed IT support won’t let upgrades pass them by.

When a client knows that you’re using the latest tech, they know that you care about doing a good job. They know that problems with your technology will be infrequent and that they won’t end up with a headache any time they have to deal with ordering products, customer service, or anything else. If your clients know that dealing with you won’t be a chore, they’re going to be more likely to stick around.

They Can Trust Your Expertise

Because you’re usingĀ managed IT services, your clients know that whoever is handling your information technology needs has expertise that they can trust. Your company didn’t just throw together an IT team out of random workers that may not have a deep background in this area. Instead, you put in the effort to track down people who know exactly what they’re doing. Your customers will appreciate that expertise and stick with you for longer.

Your Workforce is Allocated Properly

Speaking of your workers, a company that uses managed IT support is also more likely to have the rest of their workforce allocated properly. Your clients don’t have to worry about dealing with an operation that just sticks random employees with the important work, hoping that they can fulfill a new role today. You have your IT services taken care of and the rest of your employees are working in areas where they have the skills to do a good job. Your clients now know that you’re someone who can be relied on.

You’re Focused on the Business Side of Things

On that same note, your clients know that you’re fully focused on the business side of things. Your IT needs are being taken care of and you won’t be distracted by tech issues. You’re just ready to deliver the best possible customer service experience.

The Risks are Lower

Your clients also know that risks are lower when you’re using managed IT services. They don’t have to worry about data breaches. They don’t have to worry about systems going down. You and your managed IT services provider have it handled.