Here at CRG, we’ve previously outlined some of the benefits of managed IT services. Instead of setting up your own team that may or may not be ready to tackle all of your information technology needs, outsourcing your IT management can actually help your business run a bit more smoothly. Opting for managed IT services can even help you avoid network downtime.

Now, we probably don’t have to tell you how costly network downtime is. When it happens, you’re not able to sell products. You’re not able to help customers with their needs. You’re losing money any time it happens. If it happens enough, you might even lose customers who decide that you’re not a dependable partner. Outsourcing your IT management can help you avoid these problems and deliver more reliable performance. Here’s a look at some of the advantages of managed IT services.

Latest Technology

One cause of network downtime could be your tech. If you’re working with older technology, it just might not be up to the task when things get difficult. That can be especially true as your business grows and puts a bit more pressure on your IT infrastructure. With managed IT services, you don’t have to worry about this as much.

The company you outsource to is likely more focused on upgrading equipment when needed. They’re not going to slack when it comes to updates or wonder if that new tech is “really worth it.” As a result, you can rely more on their technology and be sure that network downtime will be less common.

Experienced IT Professionals

If you do run into problems with your network, it’s always best to have experienced IT professionals in your corner. That’s what you get when you opt for outside IT services. Instead of building a team of newbies to this space inside of your office, you’re going outside to get people who have already learned what they’re doing. They’ve had to troubleshoot problems, fix major errors, and deal with a whole host of IT issues during their careers. As a result, they’re ready to act and fix things when problems arise. They’ll lessen the impact of network downtime, and they might even be better prepared to prevent it in the first place.

Better Preparation

As we just mentioned, a provider of managed IT services might be better prepared than your typical in-house IT department. Someone who is providing IT support for you has that as their only focus. They want to make sure that everything runs smoothly for you. That means avoiding major hiccups like costly network downtime.

On the other hand, your business has many more goals in mind. You’re dealing with customers. You’re working on new products. You’re taking on many tasks that just don’t have much to do with your information technology infrastructure, so it may be at the back of your mind. Then when IT problems do happen, you’re not prepared! A managed IT services provider would be though, and they’ll be ready to get your network back up and running. Isn’t it time that your business reaped the benefits of outsourced IT management?