We know that there are many myths that surround staffing agencies. In fact, both workers who are seeking jobs and employers who are looking for new employees may be harboring some outdated views about what a staffing agency like ours can do. We’re here to bust those myths and show how staffing recruiting agencies can help. Here’s a look at some of these common myths that employers and job seekers may have heard.

It’s For Entry Level Workers

Some think that a staffing agency is just for finding entry level workers their first job. That’s just not true though! In fact, at CRG one of our main specialties is executive staffing. We can help you find your next executive, one with the skills and experience that your company requires.

It’s For Freelance and Temp Employment

On that same note, some workers also believe that staffing recruiting agencies are better suited to finding more temp and freelance work. While we can help with that, we really want employers to know that it’s not our only area of expertise. We can find great employees at all levels that are suited to work in a wide range of industries and positions. We’re not just a stopgap solution.

You Have to Pay to Find a Job

Some workers believe that you actually need to pay a headhunter to find you a job. That’s not the case! A company pays the staffing agency to find them an employee that suits their needs. If you’re searching for a job, you won’t have to pay for the privilege at CRG. We find you opportunities at no cost to you.

They’re Too Expensive

Since companies looking for workers are making payments to the recruiter, they may believe that using their help is just too expensive. That’s not true though, because staffing recruiting agencies can actually end up saving your organization money. If you’re trying to find the best full-time employee or executive candidate, partnering with a firm like ours can make it easy to quickly and cost-effectively evaluate all of the available candidates.

Using Multiple Staffing Agencies is Best

If you’re searching for a job, you may think that connecting with multiple staffing recruiting agencies is a good idea. In some cases, that might actually be a poor plan. Potential employers could end up receiving your resume multiple times, discarding them due to your persistence. Instead, form a strong relationship with one staffing agency that appreciates your skills and commits to helping you find a job that requires them.

Headhunters Want a Worker with the Lowest Salary

You may think that a headhunter is only trying to find a worker that will work at a lower salary. This is not true. A staffing agency, especially one focused on executive staffing, wants to find the best employee for the job. Even if that employee requires a slightly higher salary, a recruiter’s goal is to find the company they’re working for someone who best fits their open position. This means someone with skills, experience, and yes, sometimes a higher salary demand.

Now that these myths have been busted, you can see that there’s no reason for companies or workers to not work with executive staffing agencies. Contact CRG at (336) 656-2854 to learn more about our services today.