unique-challenges-that-executives-face-in-the-job-search-processAt our staffing agency, we know that executives can face some unique problems when they go to look for a new job. One of our specialties here at CRG is executive staffing, so we know that a job search can be tough even for someone with lots of experience. If you’re a former or current executive looking for a new position, here are some challenges you may find and how you can deal with them.


Many older workers who come to us looking for executive staffing solutions are concerned about their age. If you’ve climbed up to the executive level, you’ve been around the workplace for a while. This can lead to some issues when you’re hunting for a new job. Employers may think you’re too expensive, saying things like “you’re overqualified.” They may fear that you won’t fit in. They might even be concerned that you won’t stay at the company long, using this job as a brief stopgap before you can retire.


Fortunately, you can alleviate some of these concerns. Research company culture to see if you’ll fit in, keep up on your technology and skills, and show that you’re willing to stay long-term. Show that you have a history of success and getting results, and that you don’t plan to slow down anytime soon.


Less Job Openings

Unfortunately, there can just be fewer openings at higher levels. Some companies are promoting internally. Some high-level jobs attract a lot of competition. Sometimes, your previous job is just hard to duplicate.


You want to show employers and recruitment companies that being an outsider can sometimes be a strength. Look for companies that have a record of hiring outside management or talk to a company that’s having issues and might want a new point of view. If there’s a lot of competition for the job, look for ways to differentiate yourself and study company culture to see how you can best fit in.



If you’ve recently lost your job, that can affect your ego. We’ve seen this effect on a number of executive job candidates. You might feel embarrassed or like you’ve lost control, when you’re usually used to having a lot of it. You’re also used to having a large impact and making the big choices, and now that’s not a part of your life.


Deal with this by recognizing how you’re worthwhile outside of your job, learning new things, and reaching out to others when you need support. Any of these things can help keep you going during your job hunt.


The Perception of Others

Going along with ego, if you’ve recently lost your job the perception of others can really affect your confidence as you’re embarking on a new job hunt. Because you were so high up, your supposed failure can seem like a bigger deal. So have your story about how you departed your last company ready, let people know that you’re okay with the results, and show that you’re still looking on the bright side. You still have a lot to contribute in an executive position.