must-have-documents-for-your-executive-job-searchExecutive Search is one of the many staffing specialties of CRG. If you’re looking for an executive job, it’s actually a bit different than the typical job hunt. You may have to take some different preparations or get ready to handle some different tasks during the interview process.

Our staffing agency also recommends some must-have documents for any of our executive candidates that are on a job hunt. This isn’t an entry-level job. A simple resume won’t do. Here’s some of the documentation you really should have if you’re serious about securing a new executive position.


LinkedIn Profile

No, you don’t have to print it out and bring it in with you, but a comprehensive LinkedIn profile can help you attract the attention of employment agencies and companies that have executive positions free. Some people just set up their LinkedIn profile with the basics and leave it. Instead of just making it into a glorified online resume, take some extra steps to make sure that your profile attracts attention for the right reasons.

Use keywords that help you appear in searches. Highlight your skills. Get endorsements from coworkers if you can. This little bit of extra effort will make a big difference, especially since your LinkedIn profile could be the first thing that employment recruiters see.


Executive Biography

A short, narrative document known as an executive biography can also aid in your job hunt. It’s not as technical or long as a full resume, but it can give a potential contact or interviewer a good view of your experience. They’ll be able to see what you bring to the table at a glance, which can increase your chance of getting your foot in the door or improve your chances of getting to a later stage interview with the higher-ups.


Cover Letter

Some folks think that a cover letter has gone out of style, but one can still be a great way to show your worth to HR departments and recruiting agencies. The people in charge of hiring at some companies might still want a cover letter and could be put off if you decide not to include one. It may indicate a lack of effort. Sometimes a short cover letter can also be a great way to show off your leadership qualities, without forcing someone to read through your entire resume.



Of course, you need to have a resume as well. The executive resume is still important to people at all stages of the hiring process. It has to show what you’ve accomplished in past roles, what your leadership can bring to this company, and how you plan to contribute to every project. Keep it to two pages maximum, with a focus on your key skills and achievements, and make sure that it’s easy to skim or read. Use keywords that will stand out and stay specific. Don’t use a bunch of words when a concise sentence would do.


Candidate Support from CRG

With these crucial documents in hand, you’ll be ready to jump head first into your executive job search. Of course, if you need assistance, we can help you every step of the way. From interview prep to onboarding paperwork, we’re here to help you land your dream job.