7-unique-it-considerations-for-smbsHere at CRG, we know that information technology issues can pose some big problems for businesses. That’s especially true for small- and medium-sized firms. You don’t have as many resources or as much time to deal with annoying tech issues, but we may have a solution for you. Managed IT services can give you the IT know-how you need, without breaking the bank or otherwise interfering with other aspects of your business. Let’s take a look at some of the unique IT considerations that small and medium businesses have to make, and how IT support can help.

Lack of an IT Skill Set

One problem you might face as a smaller enterprise is that no one in your employ has the IT skill set you need. Hiring new people and starting up an IT department of your own can be expensive and slow you down in other areas. This is where managed IT services come in! Outsource your IT needs to a team that knows just what it’s doing, instead of worrying about building up a team internally.


The Need to Manage Your Time

If you’re part of a smaller business, you need to make the most of your time. Dealing with IT, when that’s not your area of expertise, and the problems that can come with it can take away valuable time that could be spent growing your business, dealing with customers, or doing anything else that’s more in line with your skill set. Opting for IT support services can give you more time for the important stuff.


Difficulties Implementing New Technologies

If you’re running a small business, you probably don’t have time to research the latest tech and implement it. This is a problem because newer technology can mean faster speeds, more security, and even a better customer experience. Neglecting new tech can harm your business, but a partner that supplies your IT services can keep up. You focus on your business while they focus on technology upgrades.


How Much IT Infrastructure Costs

Another obstacle that could affect smaller and medium-sized businesses is the upfront cost of IT infrastructure. You’re bringing on new hires, renting office space, and taking care of everything else your business needs. You and your funds are stretched thin, but hiring a managed IT service provider can be a cost-effective move that helps your business in the short term and the long run.


Frustrated Employees

If you don’t focus on your IT needs, you could also end up with frustrated employees. Slow computers, faulty internet, and other issues that make the work day worse can pile up. You don’t want top talent quitting because of crummy tech, and an outside provider of IT support could help here.


IT Scaling as You Grow

Your goal is to grow your business, but your IT has to scale with you. This can pose a problem for some companies, but firms that have a provider of managed IT services on hand don’t have to struggle as much! See how an outside team can help with your growth goals.


Vulnerability to Cyber Attacks

A smaller business can be especially vulnerable to cyber attacks. These attacks can be incredibly devastating, but a provider of managed IT services can help protect you from them. Put their expertise and experience to work for you.