Another week passes by. Another rejection email. The seemingly never-ending job hunt leaves you swimming in a pool full of anxiety and despair. Looking for employment is never a fun activity. It is often made more difficult than it has to be.

A staffing agency, such as CRG, could step in and make all the difference. Staffing agencies help employers and job searchers find the right fit for open positions. Having a middleman can help ease your stress and land you the job that you’ve been waiting for.

CRG, a top staffing agency in the Charlotte, NC and Triad, NC areas, specializes in filling job positions in the information technology, accounting/finance, HR/administration and sales fields. There are many benefits to using a talent network to find employment.

• Personal Relationship – CRG puts you and your needs first. Their recruiting method includes a unique and extensive face-to-face or virtual interview to learn about your skills and goals. Getting to know you better helps them find you the right job for you. This process is all about you and making sure they find you the job you want.

• Versatility – Another benefit of a staffing agency is their versatility. CRG, the premier financial staffing company in Charlotte, NC, finds jobs in four major fields and is knowledgeable in each. The agency has over two decades of focused talent acquisition expertise. They also offer a variety of different job types including short-term staffing, contract to hire or as a consultant in a particular field. Even if you are searching for an executive position, CRG has you covered, proving that all job levels are served by the agency.

• Accessible – CRG’s website is highly accessible, making it easier to find employment. The job search layout can help you filter out a job based on which category and location that catches your interest. The candidate can also find multiple tools on the website such as a salary calculator, a payscale calculator and a cost of living calculator.

•Communication – CRG lets you know where you stand every step of the way. Communication is key. Whether it’s an agency professional emailing you or a job alert being sent to your inbox, CRG is consistently communicating and goes the extra mile for you. They convey all of the news to you, whether it is good or bad, and make sure to listen to everything you say.

• Success – Most importantly, CRG helps you become successful. There are plenty testimonials on the website from satisfied candidates and clients. CRG is committed to helping you take the next step in life.

Stop roughing your job search alone, let CRG help out with all of your IT recruiting, accounting staffing or Executive Search needs. To find out more information, call 844-CRG-WORK or visit online at