Congratulations! Thanks to the help of CRG, you just landed your dream job. Nice. Maybe you landed it through our HR staffing or accounting recruiting services in Charlotte, NC, or something else.


But, whatever it is, you’re probably exhausted from the whole application and interview process. However, it was worth it because the hard work paid off. Now it’s time to really get down to business, and the way you handle your first days on the job could dictate a lot of aspects of your future as an employee overall.


First impressions mean a lot, so the one you make on your first day is going to be important. Consider the following, impress your new cohorts and managers, and rock your initial days on the new job:


Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Maybe you’re scared that you’ll look unprepared or unqualified, but there’s a lot to learn when it comes to a new job. The vets know that, and they’ll be glad to answer any questions you have, or clear things up if you’re confused. Asking questions will allow you to do your work more effectively, faster, and will show that you care.


Don’t be a pushover

On your first day you’ll probably be eager to please. That’s fine, to a certain extent, but don’t allow anyone to take advantage of you. Setting immediate boundaries will help ensure that coworkers and managers don’t cross them.


Make a game plan

As soon as you get a grasp for what your day to day tasks are, set monthly goals and timeframes. Your organization and productivity won’t go unnoticed, you’ll work better, and the higher ups will be impressed.


Social stuff is important too

Sure, you have a lot of new protocols and procedures to learn. Equally as important are the social procedures in the office. What’s the deal with the coffee maker, for example? Get to know routines, do’s and don’ts on your first day. Even if it seems trivial, the more engrained in office culture you are, the better you’ll fit in with the other employees.


Whether it’s a finance job in Charlotte, NC, or anything else, so long as you find the coffee maker/water cooler, ask questions, make a game plan, set boundaries and generally exhibit a positive attitude, you’ll be golden from the get go.


Good luck out there!