There are few things more helpful to your job hunting efforts than a quality executive resume. You need to somehow distill your years of experience and show what you can bring to the table at a new company into just a few sheets of paper. As a staffing agency, CRG can tell you that there are a few things that employers are looking for in a new executive candidate. Let’s take a look at the must-have skills for job hunters in 2019.

Leadership Skills

As an executive, you want to make sure that prospective employers see that you possess leadership skills. You need to show that you can motivate a team and keep everyone focused on a project. Of all people in a company, people in leadership roles are the hardest to replace. Show that you have the skills required and that you can come in, lead a team of workers, and employ their skills in the best possible way.


An Ability to Make an Impact

Once you’ve demonstrated that you can lead a team, you need to show how you’ve used that skill to make a positive impact in your previous positions. Show how you were able to boost the bottom line. Show how you were able to build something new or deploy a new creative strategy that really changed things. If there was a time where you solved a major problem and averted disaster, include it. An executive staffing agency and potential employer want to see how your presence at a company makes a concrete difference. A true ability to make positive impacts could make you invaluable.



An executive needs to be able to adapt to situations on the fly. Your resume needs to show how you’ve dealt with an unexpected complication and pulled out a win for your company. This also means changing with the times and not getting stuck in your old ways. Show that you’ve embraced new tech and new ways of doing things. New situations require new solutions, and you’re getting ready to deliver them in your new position.


Foreign Languages

Depending on where your company does business, it may be wise to highlight your foreign language skills. The world is more connected than ever, and if a prospective company does business in Asia, Europe, and other regions, your foreign language skills will come in handy. This might not be the most important executive skill, but it could serve as a tie breaker of sorts if there are multiple suitable candidates for the job.


Interpersonal Skills

Your interpersonal skills also need to be on display in your executive resume. You need to be able to communicate well with coworkers, whether they’re ranked above or below you. You need to be patient and empathetic. The ability to mentor people and help them move up in the ranks is critical as well. These soft skills are important, and not displaying them could hurt your chances of securing that executive position.


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